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Scientist's have discovered women who watch porn (erotic art) make love more often.

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Guillaume Seignac sensuous paintings
Luis Ricardo Falero erotic art
William Adolphe Bouguereau paintings
Guillaume Seignac. Another French artist studied at Académie Julian in Paris. William-Adolphe Bouguereau was one of his teachers at the Académie. Nymphs are women with sex morals of men.
Luis Ricardo Falero. A Spanish Painter. With a specialization in female nude art from a mythological and a fantasy point of view.
William Adolphe Bouguereau regarded as one of the finest artists of his time. His sensuous paintings fetched a high price in America for his era. Excellent erotic art.
Sex and love share the same part of the brain. Therefore the more sex you have the more you fall in love.
Classical Nude Art and Erotic Paintings of Naked Women
Ariadne is Comforted by Bacchus
The Hufington Post Love and Sex Page
Venus the Goddess of Love paintings 2
Nymphs 951
Classical Nude Art & Erotica by famous artists and erotic paintings of women masterfully painted throughout history. Find your way through these erotic paintings.
Nude & semi nude women 20 vintage paintings from various times in artistic history by famous painters.
The Huffington Post Love and Sex Pages. Love and sex share the same part of the brain. So the more you have sex the more you fall in love. Lots of information about love and romance.
The name Venus is comparable to lust & desire in Sanskrit. A descriptive term given to her in a Vedic Sanskrit is: loveliness, longing & desire. Just what your need to boost your sex drive!
Nymphs are regarded as beautiful and sexy young amourous maidens who sing, dance and make love. They are often the love interests of Satyrs and gods. Their amourous freedom sets them apart.

Artists make love more often than anyone else. A new study says art school students have more sex.

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Venus the Goddess of Love 5
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Sunlight byJulius Leblanc Stewart
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Venus the goddess of sexuality love & erotic beauty. Many cultures had their own equivalent to Venus.
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Female nude art women semi nude. 20 paintings of beautiful girls in various poses. Artwork from the famous masters of the past.
Cliterati. Erotic and love stories for women. Because women like and enjoy sex too! Sexy stories for womens desires and pleasures.
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Francois Boucher Paintings
The Clitoris Everything you need to know bit were afraid to ask
A nude female painting by Joaquin Sorolla
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Francois Boucher A top French artist who painted erotic art of women.
The Clitoris. Understanding a women's body. Everything you need to know about a women's body. But were afraid to ask.
Nude & Semi nude paintings of women by the masters of art. 20 portraits of feminine beauty.
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Odalisque Paintings
Vivian's way sexologists Can Save the world Vivian Adams
Herbert James Draper Paintings  Love Poems, Romantic Poetry and Vintage Paintings 33
Prom dresses Evening Gowns
Nymphs more
Odalisque 20 paintings of Odalisques mostly nude. In various sensuous poses by an array of famous painters. An Odalisque is a female slave.
Sex Can Save the World! I love sex. I love everything about sex. I love how it tastes, how it feels, how it looks. But most importantly, I love what it does for us. Herbert Draper's an English artist from the American era to the 1920's. Herbert James Draper won the Royal Academy gold medal and Travelling Studentship.
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Nymphs are usually seen in the nude & are quite often the attendants of gods & goddesses. They are often depicted in sexy poses with gods, goddesses & Satyrs.
Eden's Fantasy's For Lingerie
Anders Zorn Paintings
Adam and Adult Eve Toys for a Womens Sexual Pleasure  Love Poems, Romantic Poetry and Vintage Paintings 91
Delphin Enjolras Paintings  Love Poems Romantic Poetry and Vintage Paintings
Wicked Tempations Hot Lingerie
Eden's Fantasy's for a sexy range of lingerie to compliment your desires and supercharge your amorousness. Just the thing for a night of romance.
Anders Zorn one of Sweden's finest painters. Specialised in mainly nude river scenes. Many nude paintings of women.
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Delphin Enjolras. An academic French painter who liked to paint portraits. Female nudes and interiors.
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Gustave Courbet  Love Poems, Romantic Poetry and Vintage Paintings
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Delphin Enjolras Paintings
Love Stories Romance
Ciana Rose's Erotic Stories
Nude & semi Gustav Corbet paintings. One of the leaders of realist movement also covering the romantic movement.
Lovehoney for that special time for hot lovers. Supercharge your sex life with a romantic gift. You can enhance your sex life with the right toys.
More of Delphin Enjolras paintings. Stunningly beautiful artworks of very sensuous ladies. Nude girls and naked women are a feature of his art.
Romantic Stories. Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Anne Bronte Jane Austin, Louisa May Alcott.
Ciana Rose's erotic stories. Sensual seduction stories for women by a sexy young lady who writes hot sex stories.
Delphin Enjolras Paintings 77
Venus the goddess of impure love
Venus is a women with the morals of a man
Sleeping nude girl
Cunning Minx Sex and Love
More Delphin Enjolras. Very sensuous artwork. Stunning females in elegant poses. Ladies and girls painted by Delphin Enjolras.
Venus the goddess of impure love. The pleasurable and passionate sexy Venus. The graceful Venus or the indulgent Venus and the heavenly Venus.
Venus was said to be consorting with Vulcan. On the other hand it is said that Venus and Mars were together and had a son named Eros.
More of Anders Zorn's sexy paintings of female nude river scenes in Sweden. Mainly nude women. A fine example of feminine beauty for you to take a peak at.
Cunning Minx. Sex educator and polyamorist extraordonaire! Teaching sex education from a very liberated point of view.
Ashley Manta Sex Education
Nude and semi naked art of women
Dodson and Ross Sex Therapists Spice up your Love Life
Romeo and Juliet A Love Story  Love Poems, Romantic Poetry and Vintage Paintings
Sinclair Sexsmith Sugar Butch Chronicles
Ashley Manta Sex education. A feminist and a sex eductor with articles on the well known Huffington Post and author of A Feminist's Guide to Phone Sex. Nude and semi nude art women twenty paintings from various times and various stages of undress throughout history. Dodson & Ross. Ask Dr. Betty. Sex therapists. Betty Dodson with Carlin Ross Better Orgasms. Dodson & Ross will help you improve your sex life. Romeo and Juliet with art written by William Shakespeare. The full text by the bard.... William Shakespeare's famous affair of the heart Romeo and Juliet. The greatest romance story ever told. Sugar Butch Chronicles. Sinclair Sexsmith. A queer woman's guide to great gay sex. BDSM, kink and gender explorations.
Pride And Prejudice Jane Austen an online novel
Agnes Grey Anne Bronte a classic novel free to read online
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Pride and Prejudice written by Jan Austen Free to read online. Many other novels of the same era will soon follow.   Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte. One of the many Bronte sisters novels soon to appear free online here. Enjoy.
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