Francois Boucher Self Portrait & List of Paintings



  Francois Boucher Title
Birth of Venus Francois Boucher
Diana after the Hunt Francois Boucher
Education of Love
Francois Boucher 1
Femme Classic Art  
Girl Reclining Francois Boucher
Femme Classic Art
Jupiter in the Guise of Diana and the Nymph
Jupiter in the Guise of Diana Seducing Callisto
Leda & the Swan Francois Boucher
Mars et Venus
The Raised Skirt
The Rape of Europa
The Toilet of Amorous Venus
The Toilet of Venus 2
The Visit of Venus to Vulcan
Toilet of Venus
  Triumph of Venus 1
  Triumph of Venus 2
  Venus Consoling Love
  Vertumnus and Pomona
  Vulcan Presenting Venus with Arms for Aeneas
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Francois Boucher Self Portrait
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A Self Portrait by Francois Boucher

Francois Boucher is a master of erotic art his paintings provide controversy even in today’s modern society as Facebook was forced to change its policy on nude art by a French professor who took them to court for removing one of his controversial paintings that he was showing his student’s on Facebook and won the case. Without doubt Francois Boucher will go on providing controversy well into the future as his lascivious paintings will always upset the fun busters and troglodytes as that is their nature and they are out to make everyone miserable just like themselves. Freud would have some serious discussions with Boucher involving the meaning of some of his suggestive paintings and it would be of great interest being a fly on the wall to listen to Feud and Boucher talk about the art what it represents and how he came about the ideas. Unfortunately that is one conversation we’ll never get to hear.

Femme Classic Art
Femme Classic Art


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