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Beauty At The Well

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Romantic Stories For Women
A gorgeous golden blond girl in a one shoulder white full length dress. Simply stunning! The young lady is filling up her urn with water while she is seated at the well. Notice a couple of butterflies flitting around above the lilac flowers. Her beautiful hair is tied up in a bun at the back of her head while notices something off to the side. It would be one rather heavy urn for her to carry back home. But women were expected to do that in those days. Her lily white complexion shining in the sun as she looks around at the splendid scenery. The gently sound of the nearby river providing soothing and relaxing sounds while she sits and fills up her urn. This is just one of many trips she will have to make to fill up the urn to keep fresh water in supply at her home. A woman’s work is never done!
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Love Poem Seventeen - Modernised Shakespeare

I will compare you to a summers day.
You are more beautiful and much more pleasant:
The strong winds shake the beloved buds of May,
And the summer lease has a date too short:
Sometimes too hot the eye of the sky shines,
And often his complexion of gold fades,
And every just right sometimes declines,
By chance, or nature changes course without limit:
But your eternal summer will not fade,
Neither lose possession of this beauty you own,
Death will not boast of fighting in its shadow,
When you will be eternal in time,
As long as men can breathe or the eyes can see,
So long lives that, and it gives you life.


Love Poem Eighteen - Modernised Shakespeare


Consuming time blunted the paws of the lion,
And let the earth consume her sweet offspring,
Pull the big teeth out of the mouth of the tiger,
And burn the phoenix long lived, in his blood,
Make seasons happy and sorry as you float,
And do what, you want time to pass quickly
To the vast world and all its fading sweets:
But I forbid you the most heinous crime,
Do not sculpt with your hours the beautiful forehead of my love,
No lines there with your old pen,
Allow it in your unsoiled run,
For the model of beauty for men who succeed.
Yet, do your worst old times: despite your wrong,
My love in my verse will always live young.


Love Poem Nineteen - Modernised Shakespeare


A woman's face with the hand of nature painted,
Do you have the master mistress of my passion,
A tender but not aware woman's heart
With change changing as it is the fashion of fake women,
An eye brighter than theirs, less fake when rolling:
Brighten the object on which he looks,
A man in all the hues of his control,
What steals the eyes of men and amazes the souls of women.
And for a woman you created the first time,
Until nature has made you fall,
And by adding me to you vanquished,
Adding a thing to my purpose nothing.
But since she stole you for the pleasure of women,
Mine is your love and your love uses their treasure.


Love Poem Twenty - Modernised Shakespeare


So isn't it with me as well as this muse,
Agitated by a beauty painted to his verse,
Who does the sky serve as ornament
And every beautiful woman with her beautiful repeats,
Make a couple of proud compare
With the sun and the moon, with the rich jewels of the earth and the sea:
With the first flowers of April and all that is rare,
The air of this paradise in this huge roundness.
O leave me true love but really write,
And then believe me, my love is also right,
As a child of any mother, but not so bright
Like these golden candles fixed in the air of the sky:
Let them say more like hearsay,
I will not praise this goal of not selling.


Love Poem Twenty One - Modernised Shakespeare


My glass will not convince me that I am old,
As long as you and the youth are of one day,
But when I see you in the furrows,
So look I'm dying my days should expiate.
For all that beauty that covers you,
Only the garment of my heart,
Who lives in your womb, like yours in me
How can I be older than you?
O so love be so suspicious of you,
As I do not do it for myself, but for you
Carrying your heart that I will keep if chary
Like tending to feed his baby with discomfort.
Do not presume on your heart when mine is killed,
You told me you did not have to give back.

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