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Cupid and Confidence striking up a conversation. Confidence is wearing a charming one shoulder full length white dress and a red cape over her arm and she looks very alluring. Cupid is giving love advice to the pretty girl as to how to woo her young man. The raven haired beauty is listening to Cupids advice with great interest. Who me she says? I should influence him she appears to be saying. Women must have the confidence to change the world. I will spread my assurance to others and together we will help make changes. Firstly with little steps. Then we gather all our friends and spread the word. Women are the answer. We have the ability and the numbers to change the world to a better place. Our young raven haired beauty has the confidence to confide with Cupid on matters of love and romance. I’m sure she will get some great tips from Eros.
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Love Poem Twenty Two - Modernised Shakespeare


As an imperfect actor on the stage,
Who with his fear is put beside him,
Or something fierce filled with too much rage,
Whose abundance of strength weakens his own heart;
So, for fear of trust, I forget to say,
The perfect ceremony of the rite of love,
And in mine, the strength of my love seems to break down,
Loaded with the burden of my own love:
O let my eyes be then eloquence,
And mute presidents of my talking chest,
Who plead for love and seek reward,
More than this language that has more expressed.
O learn to read what a silent love has written,
Hearing with the eyes belongs to the beautiful spirit of love.


Love Poem Twenty Three - Modernised Shakespeare


My eye played the painter and scalded,
The form of your beauty in the table of my heart,
My body is the frame in which is held,
And perspective is the art of the best painter.
Because through the painter must you see his address,
To find where your real image is,
What in the shop of my chest is still suspended,
Its windows were glazed with your eyes:
Now, let's see what the eyes have done,
My eyes have drawn your shape, and hold it for me
Are the windows of my chest exposed to the sun?
Pleasures to look at, to look at you there;
Yet the eyes of this evil one want to honor their art,
They draw but what they see does not know the heart.


Love Poem Twenty Four - Modernised Shakespeare


We allow those who are in favor with their stars,
Public honor and proud titles boast,
While me who fortune of such bars of triumph
An unexpected joy to the extent that I honor the most;
The favorites of the great princes, their beautiful leaves spread,
But as the worry to the eye of the sun,
And in themselves their pride is buried,
For in their glory they die frowning.
The painful warrior famous for the fight,
After a thousand foiled victories,
Is the book of honor shaved completely,
And all the rest forgotten for which he worked:
So I'm happy this love and I'm loved
Where I can not remove or be removed.


Love Poem Twenty Five - Modernised Shakespeare


Lord of my love, to whom in obedience
Your merit is closely related to my duty;
I am sending you this written letter
To witness duty, not to show my spirit.
Duty so big, what a spirit so poor that mine
May seem naked, wanting words to show it;
But I hope you have a good vanity
In the thought of your soul (all naked) will give it:
Until any star that guides my journey,
Points about me with kindness,
And put clothes on my ragged love,
To show me worthy of your sweet respect,
May I dare to boast of my love for you,
Until then, do not show my head where you can prove me.


Love Poem Twenty Six - Modernised Shakespeare


Tired of toil, I hasten to sleep,
The dear respose for members with tired travel,
But then start a journey in my head
Work my mind, when the body work is expired.
Then for my thoughts (by far where I live)
Offer you a zealous pilgrimage
And keep my eyelids drooping open,
Looking at the darkness that the blind see.
Save that imaginary look of my soul
Present your shadow to my blind sight,
Who as a jewel (hanging in a horrible night)
The dark night is beautiful and his old face is new.
Lo so day my members, night my mind,
For you and for myself, no quiet search.

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