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If Cupid hasn't got his bow and arrow. Then he can't do his job. Right? Cupid uses his bow and arrow to strike many a person down with a terrible disease called love. What a tease the gorgeous young girl is. Taking away the tool that Cupid uses to strike her through the heart and give her the fever of love. At the present time there is not a vaccination to prevent people catching this terrible fever. It can strike you down without a moment’s notice. It sneaks up on you like that. People are known to do all sorts of crazy things when they catch the love flu. So be aware! Her ebony coloured hair the young girls pale complexion with her teasing nature is sure to be enough to get the attention of many a young man and break many hearts of the male species for many years to come.

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Love Poem Thirty Three - Modernised Shakespeare


I have seen many glorious mornings,
Flatter the summits with a royal eye,
Kiss with gilded face the green of the meadows;
Pale gilding streams with celestial alchemy:
Anon allows the lowest clouds to rise,
With an ugly support on his heavenly face,
And desperate world, his face is hidden
Fly invisible to the west with this shame:
Even though my sun one morning early shone,
With all the triumphant splendor on my forehead,
But outside, it was only one o'clock
The area cloud hid it from me now.
Yet, for that, my love does not disdain,
The suns of the world may stain, when the heavenly sun stains.


Love Poem Thirty Four - Modernised Shakespeare


Why did you promise such a beautiful day,
And let me go without my coat,
Let the low clouds pass me on my way,
Hide your bravery in their rotten smoke?
It's not enough that you break through the cloud,
Dry the rain on my face beaten by the storm,
For no good man such an ointment can speak,
It heals the wound and does not cure the shame:
Your shame can not give physic to my sorrow,
Although you repent, I still have the loss,
Offender's sorrow ready but weak relief
For one who bears the cross of strong offense.
Ah, but those tears are pearls that your love spreads,
And they are rich and pay all the bad deeds.


Love Poem Thirty Five - Modernised Shakespeare


Do not be distressed by what you did,
The roses have spines and fountains in silver,
Eclipses and clouds stain the moon and the sun,
And the terrible chancre lives in the sweeter buds.
All men make mistakes, and even me in this,
Allow your fault with comparing,
My self corrupts saling your hurt,
Excuse your sins more than your sins are:
For your sensual sin I bring meaning,
Your opponent is your lawyer,
And 'wins me a legitimate plea:
Such a civil war is in my love and hatred,
That I need an accomplice must be,
To this sweet thief who steals me sourly.


Love Poem Thirty Six - Modernised Shakespeare


Let me confess that we must be two,
Although our undivided loves are one:
So will the spots that make me,
Without your help, by me alone.
In our two loves, there is only one respect,
Although in our lives a separable spite,
Which does not change the only effect of love,
Yet he steals pleasant hours from the delights of love.
I can never recognize you again,
For fear that my cried guilt will shame you,
You do not honor me with public goodness,
Unless you remove this honor from your name:
But do not do it, I love you like that,
As you are mine, mine is your good report


Love Poem Thirty Seven - Modernised Shakespeare


As an old father rejoices,
To see his active child doing youthful acts,
So me, made lame by the worst spite of Fortune
Take all my comfort from your value and your truth.
Be it beauty, birth, wealth or spirit
Or any of these or all of them, or even more
In your parts, sitting crowned,
I make my love grafted to this store:
So I'm not lame, poor, or scorned,
Although this shadow gives such a substance,
That I am in abundance,
And by part of all your glory, live:
Look what's best, what I want best in you,
This wish I have, so ten times happy me.

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