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Cupids Folly

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Guillaume Seignac

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Cupids Folly Painted by Guillaume Seignac on Femme Classic Art along with many other vintage paintings
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Romantic Stories For Women

A sweet young girl (Psyche) with Cupid (Love) riding on her back. Cupid in his impish ways has blossom in his hand and in his silly way he is striking the Psyche while sitting on her back. Eventually love will blossom and Cupid and Psyche will go on to marry once they stop horsing around. Till then they will be content in playing their love games and having a good time together. Love games always play an important part in relationships. Don’t let the fire go out. Keep pouring petrol on your relationship. Read naughty books. Look at wicked art.  Love and sex share the same part of the brain. So the more you horizontal tango the more he falls in love. You are the Cupid in the relationship. Keep firing the arrows in your partner’s heart. Use that look often to keep the romance going forever! Go for it girls!

Reading hot kinky stories acts like an aphrodisiac and spices up a girls love life.
Cupid Disarmed Guillaume Seignac back 02
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Diana Hunting Guillaume Seignac next 01
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Home Page Femme Classic Art Romantic poetry womens love poems with historic paintings for girls
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