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A nude tambourine player hiding behind her see through black veil placed over her head. Her beautiful eyes can still be seen through the sheer black veil she wears. She plays a mean tambourine. Play that funky music for me white girl. Play that funky music till you die. The most popular request she gets is for Dueling Banjo’s then followed by Stairway to Heaven. She plays them both with a bit of flair. Showing off her voluptuous naked body and titillating males as she plays a soulful tune on the tambourine with the class of a virtuoso in full control   of an instrument that will send chills down the spine of any lover of fine music. The tambourine is only equaled in its magic qualities of the triangle. Which is grossly under estimated in its musical abilities in the music world. Don’t get me started piano accordion.   Gachucha translated means Gypsy.

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Gypsy Gachucha Guillaume Seignac back 02
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Girl on a Couch Guillaume Seignac next 01
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