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Guillaume Seignac
Love Poems Romantic Poetry and Vintage Paintings in Classic Art Home 1 Girl on a Couch Painted by Guillaume Seignac on Femme Classic Art along with many other vintage paintings Home Page Femme Classic Art Love poems romantic poetry for ladies with historic paintings for females
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Romantic Stories For Women
A cute nude lady sitting with a bashful pose and a lovely pale blue coverlet laying across her lap with flowers around the edge. The coverlet is thrown over her knees and her pretty toes peeking out at the bottom. The young woman is sitting on the edge of a beautiful couch with a lime green cushion on it. Her fleshly body there for all to see and admire. With her exquisite bosoms heaving as she thinks of what she might get up to tonight with her lover. Will she be read love poems which she enjoys or will they go for a walk in the park? So many things she enjoys doing with her lover so little time. Her lover takes up all her thoughts. If only there was more time in the day she could spend it with her lover doing things they like to do together. Yes. Much more fun and good times.
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Gachucha Guillaume Seignac back 01
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