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Guillaume Seignac

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Innocence Painted by Guillaume Seignac on Femme Classic Art along with many other vintage paintings

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Artist Subject

An innocent young lady with two cupids looking over her shoulder.  She is very confused about the feelings she has for a young man. But two cupids are egging her on. She finds it very hard to talk when this young man is around. He makes her go all weak in the knees and the young lady has never experienced feelings like this before. The Eros are playing with her emotions as they continually whisper in her ear and shoot arrows of love into her heart. She can’t eat or concentrate and being shy she has no one to talk to. At night all she does is lie awake in bed thinking of this wonderful person and imagine being in his arms. But how can I talk to him? What can I talk about? Has he noticed me? These are common problems of innocent people even in modern times let alone someone with two Cupids whispering in their ear.

Note: The innocent become very easy victims these days. Read your children a book a day to help protect them. To teach your children to read POINT to the words as you read them. Read at your pace. Einstein once said "If you want your child to become smart read lots of fantasy. If you want your child to become a genius. Read them lots more fantasy."

Reading lots of love poetry improves a girls love making.
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Home Page Femme Classic Art Romantic poetry women’s love poems and vintage paintings of a woman
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Home Page Femme Classic Art Romantic poetry womens love poems with historic paintings for girls
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