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The Dragonfly

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La Libellule

Guillaume Seignac

Love Poems Romantic Poetry and Vintage Paintings in Classic Art Home 1 The Dragonfly (La Libellule) Painted by Guillaume Seignac on Femme Classic Art along with many other vintage paintings Home Page Femme Classic Art Love poems romantic poetry for ladies with historic paintings for females
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Artist Subject
Striking a pose for our artist is the Little Dragonfly with her fiery red hair with her white drapery dropping down the back of her beautiful nude body in a seductive manner with her voluptuous figure shining in the sunlight. The Little Dragonfly is sitting in the fork of the tree that looks most uncomfortable. She has a delicate white body that shines in the sunshine with her exquisite breasts are an eye catching feature along with her blazing red hair. These qualities are very alluring to any red blooded male who just happens to be passing by. Men think that red hair is the most attractive colour of hair on women well ahead of the usual blond hair. Contrary to what most people think. If a woman wants to have even more fun than what blondes have then red hair must be the way to go. The Little Dragonfly is one hot number!
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The Abandonment - L'Abandon Guillaume Seignac back 02
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Lazy La Paresseuse Guillaume Seignac next 02
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