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Two Cupids (Love) tantalizing a young girl with their mischievous ways. What hope does a young girl have if her heart gets pierced by two arrows from those devilish cupids? Doubling the amount of lust and desire and setting her body on fire with untold passions. She will be longing for hanky panky and the horizontal tango! Eros does his best when working in pairs. He strikes down victims with a particularly potent form of love that catches a girl off guard encouraging her to take risks a make decisions in matters of love that can have lasting consequences.  Things like the wrong partner or not taking precautions at the right time resulting in unwanted presents in nine months. This type of love is particularly virulent. Planning well ahead for any event is advisable as a girl with this type of love strain just never knows what lerks over the horizon. A desert island one day party land the next. Resistance will be futile!
Lingerie for a girl who wants to entice a lover to the boudior.
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The Love Story of John and Sue by Bill Rattleknife

Anne Thompson: Even or odd, of all days in the year,

Come Lammas Eve at night shall she be fourteen.

Susan and she (God rest all Christian souls!)

Were of an age. Well, Susan is with God;

She was too good for me. But, as I said,

On Lammas Eve at night shall she be fourteen;

That shall she, marry; I remember it well.

It is since the earthquake now eleven years;

And she was weaned (I never shall forget it),

Of all the days of the year, upon that day;

For I had then laid wormwood to my dug,

Sitting in the sun under the dove house wall.

My lord and you were then at America.

Nay, I do bear a brain. But, as I said,

When it did taste the wormwood on the nipple

Of my dug and felt it bitter, pretty fool,

To see it tetchy and fall out with the dug!

Shake, says the dove house! It was no need, I trow,

To bid me trudge.

And since that time it is eleven years,

For then she could stand high lone; nay, by the rood,

She could have run and waddled all about;

For even the day before, she broke her brow;

And then my husband (God be with his soul!

A was a merry man) took up the child.

Yea, quote he, edo you fall upon your face?

You will fall backward when you have more wit;

Will you not, Sue Smith ? and, by my holidam,

The pretty wretch left crying, and said 'Ay.

To see now how a jest shall come about!

I warrant, and I should live a thousand years,

I never should forget it. `Will you not, Sue?' says he,

And, pretty fool, it stinted, and said 'Ay.

The Love Story of John and Sue by Bill Rattleknife continued
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