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Cupid has lost his bow and arrow. Love disarmed! Such a naughty little girl disarming Cupid! That's not in the rule book. Looks like Love will have to find another way to catch her unawares! The cute brunette takes charge of Cupids weapon of choice so he cannot infect her with amorous lusts and desires which she cannot control. This is one strong woman who wants to stay in control and not let things such as love ruin everything. The only way to do that is to steal the very tools that Eros uses to make a woman vulnerable to the overtures of the opposite sex. Nothing could be further from her mind than those rituals couples go through when a man turns up and steals a lady’s heart away. The very thought of falling in love could not be further from her mind. So disarming Cupid is the answer to stop that lovey dovey stuff.

Imagine the pleasure of a vibrator in your vagina!
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Love's Advances Guillaume Seignac 02
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