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Nymph with Cupids

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Romantic Stories For Women

A nymph surrounded by Eros. A nymph working with two cupids makes a dangerous combination. Being struck by the arrows of two cupids while in close contact with a nymph is sure to lead to at least one lost weekend. Back in those days they didn’t have magic pills to work their power and help him into the saddle. A couple of arrows from two Cupids might give him the staying power and harden him up to help a nymph very lusty desires and enormous sexual appetite. Even a fun buster wouldn't stand a chance against her awesome powers of seduction!


So we settled on having sex every day for a month, and sometimes it was fifteen minutes and other times it was several hours,
and it was fantastic," she said. Sex more often improved their relationship not only physically, but emotionally was well.

Note: Love and sex are sharing the same part of the brain. The more sex you have the more you will fall in love. This is why arranged marriages work. Leave them together long enough and the will act like rabbits.

  The pleasure of reading raunchy stories acts like an aphrodisiac.  
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The Love Story of John and Sue by Bill Rattleknife

Quinton Jones: And, to sink in it, should you burthen love

Too great oppression for a tender thing.

John Williams: Is love a tender thing? It is too rough,

Too rude, too boisterous, and it pricks like thorn.

Quinton Jones: If love be rough with you, be rough with love.

Prick love for pricking, and you beat love down.

Give me a case to put my visage in.

A visor for a visor! What care I

What curious eye do quote deformities?

Here are the beetle brows shall blush for me.

Kevin Brown: Come, knock and enter; and no sooner in

But every man betake him to his legs.

John Williams: A torch for me! Let wantons light of heart

Tickle the senseless rushes with their heels;

For I am proverbed with a grandsire phrase,

I'll be a candleholder and look on;

The game was never so fair, and I am done.

Quinton Jones: Tut! Dun's the mouse, the constable's own word!

If you art Dun, we'll draw you from the mire

Of this sirreverence love, wherein you stickest

Up to the ears. Come, we burn daylight, ho!

John Williams: Nay, that's not so.

Quinton Jones: I mean, sir, in delay

We waste our lights in vain, like lamps by day.

Take our good meaning, for our judgment sits

Five times in that ere once in our five wits.


The Love Story of John and Sue by Bill Rattleknife continued

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