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The Awakening of Psyche

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The awakening of Psyche after being kissed by Cupid. Psyche arises from her bed that is covered in red and pink roses as her long hair flows down her back. Her lush body being shown off to Cupid in an enticing manner as Psyche gives him the look. Her voluptuous body teasing Eros as is her manner. Her perky breasts pointing in his direction as she is trying to wake herself up by having a stretch. What a tease! Even when a woman is half asleep she still knows the power she has over a man. But he loves it that way! A woman’s sensuous body has magic powers beyond her comprehension the power to change the world to a better place. A place of peace, love and kindness.  Eros may have the power to make people fall in love. But Psyche has the ultimate power a woman’s sexuality.

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