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  A muse is sitting on a rock pondering. Maybe, what is the meaning of life? She is wearing a beautiful long white dress and has a gorgeous wreath of flowers sitting on her head. Just behind the muse there is a hill is rising in the distance. A muse is an inspiration for something. An artist’s muse might be an inspiration for a series of paintings. Someone you like to bounce ideas off. Maybe a muse can be someone to motivate you. An artist muse could be an inspiration for a musician for a series of songs that make their way into an album. When the muse who is the inspiration is no longer around the musician fades away because he lacks the fire and passion given to him by his muse. Renoir had his muse who featured in many of his paintings Aline Charigot who became Aline Renoir and the mother of actor Pierre Renoir.
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In the Mood Intimates for that special occasion Romantic Poetry Love Poems in Classic Art
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Charming paintings for you to look at via the pretty paintings below. Click to see the large image.
Famous Love Poems with Vintage Paintings on Femme Classic Art with Poetry
Historic Paintings of Venus the Goddess of Love on Femme Classic Art
Vintage Paintings by Pierre Auguste Renoir on Femme Classic Art
Historic Paintings of Venus the Goddess of Love on Femme Classic Art
  Romantic poems by famous poets along with classic art for you. Numerous paintings of Venus the Goddess of Love for peoples enjoyment. Charming paintings by Pierre Auguste Renoir from an historic period. Venus the Goddess of Love had many artworks painted by various artists for peoples pleasure.  
Wonderful Erotic Paintings by William Adolphe Bouguereau on Femme Classic Art
Magical Vintage Paintings by Delphin Enjolras on Femme Classic Art
Lovely Vintage Paintings by John William Waterhouse on Femme Classic Art
Stunning Vintage Paintings of Erotic Nymphs on Femme Classic Art
  Erotic paintings of women by William Adolphe Bouguereau for everybody. Delightful paintings of females by Delphin Enjolras to appreciate. Desirable vintage paintings by John William Waterhouse for pleasure. Vintage paintings of naughty nymphs by various artists and styles for everybody's pleasures.  
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