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The Fruit Vendor

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J W Godward
Femme Classic Art Love Paintings Vintage girl woman wench female maiden nudes naked sexy fine beautiful pretty graceful appealing elegant charming nice famous delightful cute attractive The Fruit Vendor John William Godward Femme Classic Art Paintings Vintage Love girl delightful cute woman wench female maiden nudes naked attractive sexy fine beautiful pretty graceful elegant charming nice famous appealing
Femme Classic Art Femme Classic Art
Artist Subject
The fruit vendor having a rest as she waits for customers as the young girl leans on the statue of the lion while she has a little doze. Watermelon and peaches are the fruits of the day.
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Femme Classic Art Vintage Paintings Love girl delightful woman wench female cute appealing maiden naked attractive sexy nudes fine pretty graceful famous beautiful elegant charming nice
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Femme Classic Art Vintage Love girl sexy delightful nudes cute female nice famous Paintings maiden appealing naked attractive fine beautiful pretty graceful woman wench elegant charming
Femme Classic Art
Femme Classic Art
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