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This Jules Joseph Lefebvre nude painting is the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty. Truth is stepping at night out in her voluptuous naked body. She is walking beside the pond that's reflecting a little bit of moonlight. Behind Truth you can see and outline of a tree as she holds on to a branch. To her left you can just make out part of a tree stump and some reeds. She steps elegantly along the muddy pathway in the warmth of a summer night.


Luscious lingerie for luring lads to making love.
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Sex Positions Woman on Top
Flirty Lingerie for naughty girls
Sssh Erotic pictures for girls
Jennie Rosenbaum's Nude Art and naked paintings Love Poems Romantic Poetry and Vintage Paintings in Classic Art
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  Different love making positions can help improve a womens sexuality. This one has the girl on top of boy for this sex position. Wicked Temptations has erotic white lingerie for luring your lover to sexy love making. Sssh! Provides erotic pictures of eye candy for girls carnal desires.
Jennie Rosenbaum paints sexy nude art for naughty girls.  
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