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Anders Zorn
Classical Nude Art & Erotica
Francois Boucher
Classic Female Nude Art & Pleasures
Guillaume Seignac

By this, far off she hears some huntsman holloa
A nurse's song ne'er pleased her babe so well.
The dire imagination she did follow
This sound of hope doth labour to expel;
For now reviving joy bids her rejoice,
And flatters her it is Adonis' voice.

Sexy Classic Female Nude Art
Gustave Corbet
Classic Nude Art & Erotica
Herbert Draper
Erotic Nymphs
Jean-Leon Gerome
Sexy Nymphs
JW William Godward
Venus Goddess of Love 1
JW William Waterhouse
Venus Goddess of Love 2
Jules Joseph Lefebvre
Venus Goddess of Love 3
Lawrence Alma Tadema
Venus Goddess of Love 4
Luis Ricardo Falero

Whereat her tears began to turn their tide,
Being prisoned in her eye like pearls in glass;
Yet sometimes falls an orient drop beside,
Which her cheek melts, as scorning it should pass
To wash the foul face of the sluttish ground,
Who is but drunken when she seemeth drowned.

Venus Goddess of Love 5
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Love Poems & Romantic Poetry
WA Bouguereau
Love & Romance Stories
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Mars & Venus Surprised by Apollo De Clerck Classic Art3
Mars and Venus Surprised by Apollo
Hendrick De Clerck

O hard believing love, how strange it seems
Not to believe, and yet too credulous!
Thy weal and woe are both of them extremes;
Despair and hope makes thee ridiculous:
The one doth flatter thee in thoughts unlikely,
In likely thoughts the other kills thee quickly.

Now she unweaves the web that she hath wrought:
Adonis lives, and Death is not to blame;
It was not she that called him all to nought.
Now she adds honours to his hateful name;
She clepes him king of graves, and grave for kings,
Imperious supreme of all mortal things.
Mars & Venus United by Love Veronese Femme Classic Art3
Mars and Venus United by Love
Paolo Veronese

"No, no," quoth she "sweet Death, I did but jest.
Yet pardon me: I felt a kind of fear
When as I met the boar, that bloody beast,
Which knows no pity, but is still severe.
Then, gentle shadow truth I must confess
I railed on thee, fearing my love's decease.

    "'Tis not my fault the boar provoked my tongue;
Be wreaked on him, invisible commander,
'Tis he, foul creature, that hath done thee wrong;
I did but act, he's author of thy slander.
Grief hath two tongues, and never woman yet
Could rule them both without ten wit."
    Mars Disarmed by Venus & The Three Graces ClassicArt    

Mars Disarmed by Venus and The Three Graces

    Jacques Louis David    
Venus & Adonis Shakespeare Page 25b   Thus, hoping that Adonis is alive,
Her rash suspect she doth extenuate;
And that his beauty may the better thrive,
With Death she humbly doth insinuate;
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Venus & Adonis
      Venus & Adonis
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Venus & Adonis by William Shakespeare Page An erotic love story
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Venus & Adonis
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by Shakespeare
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