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Enchantress Luis Ricardo Falero Femme Classic Art
El Aquelarre
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Romantic Stories For Women

A young female witch with hot red hair seated her broom. Her feminine nakedness and erotic beauty is enough to put a spell on most men and some women. The nude girl’s voluptuous body is perched casually on her broom stick. The fiery red hair is surely matched by an equally fiery crotch! Her lusty desires and bewitching eyes are dangerous enough for any knowing person to steer well clear of although fun busters and troglodytes are the main target of her witches spells. It is not hard for this witch to catch them as they quite often congregate with others of the same type fun busters and troglodytes that is. She stalks them at night waiting for one to be separated from the others then when she has them alone she sweeps down on her broomstick and land in front of them with her salacious naked body on full display taking her target completely by surprise. They stand there frozen on the spot with their mouth open aghast. She quickly casts a spell on them turning them into hedonistic pleasure machines and sets them loose.

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