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A semi naked enchantress is sitting on a table with a bewitching look. The Enchantress is giving out a look to entice a person into her love nest. Not too many could resist her powers of seduction with those perky little breasts and that pretty face. She’ll put a spell on you. Many a fine person has fallen victim to her magic spell that breaks down the strong will that men have to fight off a seductresses. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female your ability to fight off the charms of the Enchantress are severely limited from the word go. Even the evil fun busters and troglodytes will struggle to keep control against the magic power she has. Their so called moral authority counts for nothing when pitted against her magic powers. She takes them into her boudoir and makes wild passionate love to them over several days and when the return to reality they have no guilt afterwards which is one thing the fun busters and troglodytes have used to great effect to control their flock.
Salacious books act as an aphrodisiac to add more excitement to a girls love making.
El Aquelarre The Coven Luis Ricardo Falero Femme Classic Art
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Faust Luis Ricardo Falero Femme Classic Art
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Enter Father [Dougal] and John.

Father: So smile the heavens upon this holy act

That afterhours with sorrow chide us not!

John Williams: Amen, amen! But come what sorrow can,

It cannot countervail the exchange of joy

That one short minute gives me in her sight.

Do you but close our hands with holy words,

Then love devouring death do what he dare

It is enough I may but call her my.

Father: These violent delights have violent ends

And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,

Which, as they kiss, consume. The sweetest honey

Is loathsome in his own deliciousness

And in the taste confounds the appetite.

Therefore love moderately: long love do so;

Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.

Enter Sue.

The Love Story of John and Sue by Bill Rattleknife continued


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Enchantress Luis Ricardo Falero Femme Classic Art