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La Favorite Luis Ricardo Falero Femme Classic Art
Enchantress Luis Ricardo Falero La Favorite
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Also The Vision of Faust Erotic Art by Luis Ricardo Falero

Some of Faust's worldly goods he received from the devil. Some very, very naughty girls! Wicked witches having a naked romp in a dream of lust and desire this is surely enough to distract any man.  The devil conjured up nude girls and naked women in an erotic dream just for Faust. The erotic girls are lusting for each other and showing off their fleshly desires just like the fun busters warned. “Keep away from these women” they said. “They are nothing but wanton sluts trying to have their evil ways with you”. “For tomorrow you will be struck down with guilt”.  The beautiful girls with their voluptuous bodies go on with their erotic rituals pleasuring each other. Fulfilling each other’s erotic fantasies and dreams and breaking many of the troglodyte’s taboos. Giving each other pleasure these hot and horny girls certainly know how to fulfill a man’s dreams and desires.

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  The dazzling classic paintings below have all been cropped. To view the largest size resplendent painting click through all the images.
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Enchantress Luis Ricardo Falero Femme Classic Art
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La Favorite Luis Ricardo Falero Femme Classic Art
Enchantress Luis Ricardo Falero Anders Zorn paintings. Mainly of nude women on riverbanks or lakes. Additional paintings by many artists from an historic time of beautiful art. Erotic art by Francois Boucher a master in the art of beautiful women. Nice paintings of nude women by Boucher. Lovely classic paintings by Pierre Auguste Renoir of resplendent women. La Favorite Luis Ricardo Falero
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