Luis Ricardo Falero  
Self Portrait & List of Paintings
Femme Classic Art Luis Ricardo Falero Self Portrait Femme Classic Art
Self Portrait of Luis Ricardo Falero in black and white.

A regal painting of Luis Ricardo Falero a very talented artist who will be remembered quite fondly for his erotic paintings of lascivious girls in an almost surreal like manner. The self-portrait shows him with a similar mustache to Salvador Dali who appeared on the art scene after Falero. It’s not quite the same but hey! I see what I see! Luis Ricardo Falero’s capacity to envisage and then commit to canvas these extraordinary voluptuous paintings of beautiful women in hot poses leaves nothing to the imagination. His lecherous mind was probably not that much different to the average male’s capacity to think of naughty thoughts but his inventiveness and then his ability to adapt his thoughts into magnificent art were outstanding for the time. His paintings have stood the test of time and now with the aid of the Internet will reach a far broader audience and can be appreciated by many more connoisseurs of fine art.

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  The delightful classic paintings below have all been cropped. To view the largest size elegant painting click through all the images.
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