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Reclining Nude Luis Ricardo Falero Femme Calssic Art
Luis Ricardo Falero

Oriental Woman

Posing Luis Ricardo Falero

Reclining Nude

Luis Ricardo Falero Luis Ricardo Falero
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A pretty young girl posing nude in her chair for Luis Ricardo Falero feeling very comfortable in showing off her nakedness and feminine beauty for everyone to see with quite a bit of confidence in herself as she sits back and relaxes in the seat as if to say here I am aren’t I beautiful? Well she certainly does have quite a hot body to show off along with a delightful face with her golden hair and cheeky smile adding to her attraction. It is that look that gets ones heart beating faster. She is sending an alluring message out to anyone viewing her in this elegant naked pose for the artist as she sits in her seat reflecting about her influence on people viewing this painting in the future.  Nothing in her imagination would have prepared her for the reach and the influence this young lady would have and maybe she will even help women to change the world.
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Oriental Woman Luis Ricardo Falero Femme Classic art
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Reclining Nude Luis Ricardo Falero Femme Calssic Art
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