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Erotic paintings and nude art of women and girls page 2.
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The full size paintings on each page are much larger than below.
Jules Joseph Lefebvre paintings
Venus the Roman Goddess of love
Pierre-Auguste Renoir paintings
Jules Joseph Lefebvre paintings Another French artist. Winning the Prix di Rome in 1861. Becoming a celebrated member of the French Academie des Beaux-Arts. Many fine artworks by Lefebvre can perused here. Venus the Roman Goddess of love is the equivalent to the Greek Goddess of love Aphrodite. The name Venus means love & sexual desire when translated from Latin. There are many paintings of Venus for your enjoyment. Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born in Limoges, Haute-Vienne, his first paintings were in a porcelain factory where he worked. Many of Renoir's finest paintings can be found here on this website.
Femme Classic Art
John William Waterhouse Paintings
Femme Classic Art
Jennifer Lopez Love and Glamour and Still Perfumes
Pickup Flowers gifts for romance
Hot Perfume Love and Glamour and Still Perfume spray by Jennifer Lopez.
A John William Waterhouse painting. His early
life was spent in Italy hence the Roman mythology
in some of his later works. Pre Raphaelite art.
Pickup Flowers for her for that romantic night you have planned. Flowers are just one of many ways of reminding her of your love for her.
Love Poems Nine
  Because you would be ashamed not to love someone Who for your art is so unpredictable. Grant if you want, you are loved by many, But it's obvious that you do not like: Because you are so possessed by a hate murd'rous, You do not want to conspire to win, In search of this beautiful roof to ruin Which one to repair should be your main desire: Oh change your mind, that I can change my mind, Will hatred be more lodged than sweet love? Be like your presence is kind and kind, Or to yourself at least the good heart proves, Make yourself another self for the sake of me, This beauty can still live in you or in you.
J W Waterhouse the Master of Pre Raphaelite
Pierre-Auguste Renoir Paintings 2
The Huffington Post Love and Sex Pages
Flora painted by Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Pierre-Auguste Renoir More sensuous art by Renoir
John William Waterhouse The last of the Pre Raphaelite painters and he painted females from Arthurian and Greek mythology.
Pierre-Auguste Renoir often visited The Louvre in Paris to study the masters. The Huffington Post Love and sex page. Huge! Love and sex stories that make the news around the world. The Huffington Post covers it all.
Lawrence Alma-Tadema A Dutch born painter who lived in England from his mid 30's.
Pierre-Auguste Renoir returned to the Louvre in his last year 1919 to see his paintings hanging in the gallery.
Love Poems Ten

As fast as you lose so quickly you will grow up, In one of yours, of whom you leave, And that fresh blood that you give young, You can call your when you convert, Here lives wisdom, beauty and increase, Without this madness, this age and this cold, If everyone wanted it, times should stop, And sixty years would make the world disappear: That those whom nature did not make to subsist, Hard, without lines, and rude, perilously perish: Look who she best endowed, she gave you more; What a generous gift you should cherish: She carved you for her seal and meant by that You should print more, do not let this copy die.

John William Godward 2
The Favourite Poet painted by Lawrence Alma Tadema
Tranquillity John William Godward
Annabel Lee EdgarAllan Poe
On the Balcony by John William Godward
John William Godward Most of his works featured classically dressed women.
Lawrence Alma-Tadema painted extravagant art with beautiful people.
John William Godward likes classical architecture which featured in many of his paintings. He particularly featured marble settings.
Edgar Allan Poe. It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know.
John William Godward. No pictures of Godward are known to exist.
Love Poems Eleven

When I count the clock that indicates the time, And see the brave day sink into the awful night, When I see the past past purple, And the zibeline bends all white with white: When I see tall trees, I see sterile leaves, What is the heat of the canopy of the flock? And the green of the summer all clad with sheaves Worn on the beer with a white and spiky beard: So of your beauty I question myself You have to leave among the lost time, Since sweets and beauties are abandoned, And dies as fast as they see others grow, And nothing wins the fake time can do the defense Save the race to brave it, when it takes you from here.

Wicked Temptations hot lingerie
Clitical Womens Sexuality pleasures and desires masturbation
John William Godward Produced many paintings of women and girls Home Page
Scaleteen Sex Education tips and advice for the real world All about sexual desires and pleasures for teenagers
Jennie Rosenbaum Nudes
Wicked Temptations. Bring out the devil in you with Wicked Tempations lingerie to turn the romantic night into a time he won't forget.
Clitical - Masturbation. How to love yourself for maximum pleasure and happiness. John William Godward An English Painter from the end of the Pre Raphaelite Neoclassicist era. John studied under Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Scarleteen. Real sex education for teenagers. Sex education by teens for teens. Reading plenty of sex education, love stories and erotic love stories are yet more ways to boost female sexuality.
Nude Art. Sexy erotic nude paintings by Jennie Rosenbaum. Here is yet more art for a girl to view that can help boost her desires.
Love Poem Twelve

O you were yourself, but I love you No longer to you, that you live yourself, Against this end, you should prepare yourself, And your sweet appearance to another give. So, this beauty that you hold for rent Find no determination, then you were Your self again after the death of your self, When your sweet problem your sweet shape should endure. Who just let a house fall into ruins, What breeding in honor could support, Against stormy gusts of winter day And the sterile rage of the eternal cold of death? O that without fortune, dear love, you know, You had a father, let your son say it..

Feel Foxy Female clothing for a night of love
Beauty At The Well art by Guillaume Seignac
Love Poems 1
Tatiana von Tauber Nude Paintings For Women
Sex Etc Education and Information For Girls
Feel Foxy Clothing for the woman who wants to feel foxy. Looking for a night of passion and romance?
Christopher Marlow. Come live with me and be my love, and we will all the pleasures prove.
Love Poems, Sonnets, and art. Shakespeare, Dickinson, Tennyson & more. Love poetry is one of the many ways to boost female desire.
Tatiana von Tauber nudes for women. Artist, photographer and author, Tatiana von Tauber's work translates beauty, sexuality and femininity.
Sex etc. For discovering your sexuality. Know your rights to Sex Ed, birth control for great sex and more.
Love Poem Thirteen

It's not stars that I tear off my judgment, And yet, it seems to me that I have astronomy, But do not talk about good or bad luck, Wounds, deficiencies, or the quality of the seasons, Nor can I say fortune in a few minutes; Pointing to everyone's thunder, rain and wind, Or tell the princes if it's okay Predicts often that I find in paradise. But I draw from your eyes my knowledge, And the constant stars in them, I read such an art As truth and beauty must prosper together If of yourself, store, you would convert: Or of you what I predict, Your end is destiny and the date of truth and beauty.


The Lady of Shallott Alfred Lord Tennyson
Sssh Erotica For Women
La Belle Dame Waterhouse
Jean-Leon Gerome Paintings
Playgirl Naked Men for Women and Girls
The Lady of Shalott written by Alfred Lord Tennyson. "On either side the river lie long fields of barley and of rye"
Sssh! Erotic images for women. Eye candy for girls of hot nude guys.
John William Waterhouse Became known as the modern Pre-Raphaelite. Using influences from the Pre Raphaelites and the impressionists.
Jean-Leon Gerome French painter and sculptor. Two of his works (above) lead to the classic film My Fair Lady.
Playgirl - Nude eye candy for girls. Hot bodies for hot girls. Female eye candy.
Venus & Adonis by William Shakespeare
Dodson and Ross Sex Therapists Spice up your Love Life
Elsie Writes erotic stories
Venus & Adonis Venus the Goddess of Love. Adonis the god of desire. An erotic poem by Shakespeare.   Dodson & Ross. Ask Dr. Betty. Sex therapists. Betty Dodson with Carlin Ross Better Orgasms.
So Wrong! The twisted imagination of Elsie presents the Erotic writings of Elsie.
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Femme Classic Art
Femme Classic Art
You can have a better love life by reading love poems.
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