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(Enter several of the two houses, which join the fray, then enter Citizens with clubs.)

1 citizen: clubs, bills and supporters! strike! shoot them down!
Down with the Camerons! Down with the chestnuts!

(Enter Cameron in her dress and Lady Cameron.)

What is this noise? Give me my long sword, ho!

Lady Cameron.
A crutch, a crutch! Why call you for a sword?

My sword, I say! Old Morrow came,
And flourishes his blade despite myself.

(Enter Morrow and his Lady Morrow.)

You are the villain Cameron! Do not hold me back, let me go.

Lady Morrow.
You will not move a foot to look for an enemy.

(Enter Prince, with the attendants.)

Rebel subjects, enemies of peace,
Profaners of this neighbor stained steel,
Will not they hear? What, ho! you men, beasts,
It extinguishes the fire of your pernicious rage
With purple fountains coming out of your veins,
Under penalty of torture, bloody hands
Throw down your unsuitable weapons
And listen to the words of your prince moved.
Three civilian brawls, raised with an aerial word,
By you, old Cameron and Morrow,
To have disturbed the calm of our streets three times;
And makes the former citizens of Valencia
Thrown by their funereal ornaments,
Handling old supporters, in hands as old,
Staggered with peace, to hate your canker:
If you ever bother our streets,
Your lives will pay the price of peace.
For this time, all the others leave:
You, Cameron, go with me;
And, Morrow, do you come this afternoon,
To know our greatest pleasure in this case,
At the old free city, our place of common judgment.
Once again, on pain of death, all the men leave.

(Outgoing Prince and attendants, Cameron, Lady Cameron, Tyson,
Citizens and servants.)

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Juliet Painted by Thomas Francis Dicksee From William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet A Love Story
Juliet on the balcony. Artist and title unknown.



Who created this old new quarrel?
Speak, nephew, were you by when he started?

Here are the servants of your opponent
And yours, close combat before my approach:
I drew to separate them: at the moment came
The fiery Tyson, with his prepared sword;
Who, while he was breathing my ears,
He swung his head and cut the winds,
Who, nothing hurts, whistled him in disdain:
While we exchange blows and blows,
Entered more and more, and fought on both sides,
Until the prince comes, who separates from one party or the other.

Lady Morrow.
Where is Romeo? did you see today?
I'm happy, he was not in this melee.

Madam, an hour before the sun worshipp'd
Looked at the golden window of the east,
A troubled mind pushes me to walk abroad;
Where, under the sycamore grove
This west root on the city side,
So I saw your son so early:
Towards him I did; but he was mine,
And stolen in the secret of wood:
I measure his affections by mine,
That most are busy when they are alone,
Follow my humor, not pursuing his,
And luckily, shunn'd who fled from me with pleasure.

Has a lot of morning been seen,
With tears increasing the morning dew,
Adding more clouds to the clouds with deep sighs:
But just as soon as the sun rejoices
Should in the farthest start to draw
The shady curtains of Aurora's bed,
Far from the light fly home my heavy son,
And private in his room himself;
Closes windows, locks daylight
And makes an artificial night:
Black and prodigious it is necessary that this humor proves,
Unless wise counsel can make the case disappear.

My noble uncle, do you know the cause?

I do not know and can not learn from him.

Have you troubled him?

Both by myself and many other friends;
But he, counselor of his own affections,
Is to himself, I will not say how honest,
But to himself so secret and so close,
So far from ringing and discovering,
As is the bud with a envious worm
Before he can spread his sweet leaves in the air,
Or devote its beauty to the sun.
Can we learn where his sorrows come from,
We would also gladly give healing that we know.

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Juliet by Unknown Artist From William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet A Love Story
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Cupid and Psyche

Cupid the god of love and desire with Psyche. 

See where it comes from: then, please, put yourself aside;
I will know his grievance or be much denied.

I would be so happy for your stay
Hear the real shrift. Come, ma'am, let's go,

(Exit Morrow and Lady.)

(Enter Romeo.)

Good morning cousin.

Is the day so young?

But nine hit nine.

Ay me! the sad hours seem long.
Is it my father who left so quickly?

It was. What sadness extends the hours of Romeo?

Do not have what, having, makes them short.



Of love?

Out of my favor where I am in love.

Alas, this love so sweet to him,
Should be so tyrannical and brutal!

Alas this love, whose sight is still stifled,
Must we, without eyes, see the ways of His will?
Where are we going to have dinner? O me! What melee was there?
But do not tell me, because I heard everything.
Here is a lot to do with hate, but more with love:
Why then, O my crazy love! O love hate!
O nothing, nothing creates first!
O heaviness of lightness! Serious vanity!
Shaped the chaos of forms apparent!
Lead feather, shining smoke, cold fire, ill health!
Always sleeping, that's not what it is!
This love makes me feel that I do not feel any love in that.
Do not you laugh?

No, coz, I'm crying instead.

Good heart, what?

To the oppression of your good heart.

Why, such is the transgression of love.
Mine are heavy in my chest;
What you will propagate, have it persist
With more thine: this love that you showed
Doth adds more grief to too many of mine.
Love is a smoke released by the smoke of sighs;
Be angry, a sparkling fire in the eyes of lovers;
To be vexed, a sea nourished by lovers' tears:
What else is the most discreet madness?
A stuffy gall and a preserving candy.
Farewell my coz.


Soft! I will follow:
If you leave me like that, you hurt me.

Tut! I lost myself; I'm not here:
It's not Romeo, it's another where.

Tell me with sadness who is what you like?

What should I moan and tell you?

Groan! why no;
But unfortunately, tell me who.

Tender a sick man in sadness does his will,
Ah, unhappy word to someone who is so sick!
In sadness, my cousin, I love a woman.

I was aiming so closely that I guess you liked it.

A good marksman! And she's just I love it.

From an honourable point of view, are you both;
And the pity is that you live so long.
But now, my lord, what do you say to my costume?

But saying o'er what I said before:
My child is still a stranger in the world,
She did not see the change of fourteen;
Let two other summers fade in their pride
One would think she is ripe to be married.

Younger than happy mothers.

And too early it is the marks so early.
The earth has devoured all my hopes but she,
She is the hopeful woman of my land:
But court it, nice Phoenix, take her heart,
My will to consent is only a part;
One she agrees, as part of her choice
Is my consent and just according to the voice.
Tonight I have an old feast,
Whereto I invited many guests,
As I like and you among the store,

One more, welcome, makes my number more.
In my poor house, look to see this night
Earth walking on stars that light the dark sky:
A comfort like the vigorous young men do
When rode April on the heel
Sloppy winter slippers, even such a delight

Among the freshwomen, you'll have tonight
To inherit at home hear everything, see everything,
And as she, the most deserving will be:
Which, among many, mine, being one,
Maybe in number, but counting none.
Come with me. Come on, sirrah, walk on
Through the fair of Valencia; find these people
Whose names are written there, (give a paper) and tell them,
My house and welcome to their stay of pleasure.


(Exit Cameron and Phoenix).

Servant. Find them whose names are written here!
It is written that the shoemaker should interferre with
his yard and the tailor with his last, the fisherman with
his pencil and the artist with his nets; but I am
sent to find the people whose names are here written,
and can never find what the writer names
wrote here I owe it to the scientist: in time!

A fair fair, just coz, is the soonest hit.

Well, in this move you miss: she will not be affected
With the arrow of Cupid, she has the spirit of Dian;
And, in strong evidence of chastity, well armed,
From the weak child's bow of love, she lives without consequences.
She will not remain the seat of the terms of love
No more than the encounter of the attacking eyes,
Nor did his turn to saint seduce the gold:
She is rich in beauty; only poor
That, when she dies, with the beauty dies her shop.

So she swore she will still live chaste?

She has, and in this saving made huge waste;
For beauty, with its severity,
Cut the beauty of all posterity.
She is too fair, too smart; wisely too fair,
To deserve happiness by making me despair:
She lost love; and in this wish
Am I alive to live to say it now?

Be told by me, forget to think of her.

O, show me how I should forget to think.

By giving freedom to your eyes;

Examine other beauties.

This is the way
To call his, exquisite, in question more:
These happy masks that kiss the eyebrows of beautiful ladies,
To be black, it makes us think that they hide the fair;
Whoever is blinded can not forget
The precious treasure of his lost sight:
Show me a mistress who just passes,
What is its beauty but as a note
Where can I read who has passed this fair?
Farewell, you can not teach me to forget.

I will pay this doctrine or I will die of debts.


Scene II. A street.

(Enter Cameron, Phoenix and Servant.)

But Morrow is bound as well as I am,
In pain like that; and it's not difficult, I think,
For men so old that we keep the peace.

(Enter Benjamin and Romeo.)

Shut up, man, one fire burns another,
One pain is attenuated by the anguish of another;
Turn yourself and turn back;
A desperate sorrow heals with the languor of another:
Take a new infection in your eyes,
And the rank venom of the old will die.
Your plantain leaf is excellent for that.

For what, please?

For your broken tibia.

Why, Romeo, are you crazy?


continued below....

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Not crazy, but bound more than a fool is;
Shut up in prison, kept without food,
Whipp'd and tormented and God den, good comrade.

God gi 'go den. I pray, sir, can you read?

Yes, my own fortune in my misery.

You may have learned it without a book:
but I pray, can you read everything you see?

Ay, if I know the letters and the words.

You say honestly: rest happy!

Rest, my boy; I can read. (Bed.)
Signor Martino and his wife and daughters;
Anselmo County and its beautiful sisters; the
Widowed lady of Vitruvio; Placentio Signior and
his beautiful nieces; Mervin and his brother
Valentin; my uncle Cameron, his wife and
girls; my beautiful niece Rosaline; Livia; Signior
Valentio and his cousin Tyson; Lucio and the
Helena animated.
A fair assembly (Give the paper): where should they romance



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