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Where is the novel going?

Supper; at our house.

Whose house?

My teacher

Indeed, I should have asked you that before.

Now, I'll tell you without asking: my master is the big
rich Cameron; and if you're not from Morrows' house,
I pray, come crush a cup of wine. Rest you happy!


At that same antique party of Cameron
Great, the beautiful Rosaline you love so much;
With all the admired beauties of Valencia.
Go there in love; and, with an untrained eye,
Compare his face with some that I will show,
And I will make you believe that your swan is a raven.

When the godly religion of my eyes
Maintain such a lie, then turn the tears to the fires;
And those who, often drowned, could never die,
Transparent heretics, be burned for liars!
A more just than my love? the sun that sees everything
Ne'er has seen her correspond since the beginning of the world.

Tut, you saw it right, no other
Poisoned herself in both eyes:
But in these crystal scales, let yourself be weighed
The love of your wife against another maid
That I will show you brilliant at this feast,
And she will not show well who is now showing better.
I will follow, not such a show to show,
But rejoice in the splendor of myself.


(Exit stage right.)

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Juliet and Her Nurse Romeo and Juliet A Love Story by William Shakespeare
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Juliet and Her Nurse - An Unknown painter

Scene III. Room in Cameron's house.

(Enter Lady Cameron and Nurse.)

Lady Cameron.
Nurse, where is my daughter? call her.

Now, by my daughter, at twelve,
I told him to come. What, lamb! what a ladybug!
God forgive! Where is this girl? what, Juliet!

(Enter Juliet.)

How now, who is calling?

Your mother.

Madam, I am here. What is your will?

Lady Cameron.
This is the question, nurse, give some time,
We must discuss this in secret: nurse, come back again;
I remembered me, you heard our advice.
You know that my daughter is very pretty.

Faith, I can tell her age at one o'clock.

Lady Cameron.
She is not fourteen.

I'm going to sleep fourteen times,
And yet, for my teenager to be spoken, I only have four,
She is not fourteen. How long is it now
At the tide of Lammas?

Lady Cameron.
A fortnight and odd days.

Even or odd, every day of the year,
Come Lammas at night she'll be fourteen.
Susan and her, God rest all Christian souls!
Were old: well, Susan is with God;
She was too beautiful for me: but as I said,
On Lammas at night she will be fourteen;
It will be married; I remember it well.
It is since the earthquake now eleven years;
And she was weaned, I'll never forget her,
Every day of the year, that day:
Because I had put absinthe in my dig,
Sitting in the sun under the wall of the dove;
My lord and you were then in Mantua:
No, I'm wearing a brain: but, as I said,
When he tasted absinthe on the nipple
From my dug and I felt bitter, pretty crazy,
To see it tender and fall with the dug!
Shake, said the dove house: "No need, I know,
To hurt me.

And since that time he is eleven years old;
For then she could remain alone; no, by the rood
She could have run and walked all around;
Because even the day before, she hurt her forehead:
And then my husband, God rest his soul!
'A was a happy man, took the child:
"Yes," he said, "do you tumble on your face?
You will fall backwards when you have more wit;
Is not it, Jule? and, by my holidame,
The pretty wretch let her cry and said:


To see now how a joke must happen!
I guarantee that I would live a thousand years
I should not under any condition forget it; "Do not you want, Jule? it's him;
And, silly, it stopped and said 'Ay.'

Lady Cameron.
Enough of this; I beg you to keep your peace.

Yes Madam; yet I can not make up my mind hether to laugh,
To think that it should go away crying and say 'Ay:'
And yet, I guarantee him, he had on his forehead
A bump as big as a cock stone;
A resounding blow; and he cried bitterly.
"Yes," said my husband, "fall on your face?
You will fall backwards when you want to grow old;
Is not it, Jule? he quit and said 'Ay.'

And you too, please, nurse, tell me.

Peace, I did. God marks you with his grace!
You were the prettiest girl I was going to cure:
One I could live to see you married once, I have my wish.

Lady Cameron.
Marry, that getting married is the very theme
I came to talk about. Tell me, my daughter Juliet,
How is your disposition to get married?

It's an honor I do not dream of

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An honor! was not I my only nurse,
I would say that you had sucked the wisdom of your teat.

Lady Cameron.
Well, think about marriage now: younger than you,
Here in Valencia, ladies of esteem,
Are already made mothers: by my account
I was your mother a lot on those years
That you are now a maid. So, in short,
The valiant Phoenix is ​​looking for you for his love.

A man, girl! lady, such a man
Like everyone else, why he is a man of wax.

Lady Cameron.
The summer of Valencia does not have such a flower.

No, it's a flower, in faith, a very flower.

Lady Cameron.
What you say? can you love the gentleman?
Tonight you will see it at our party;
Read the volume of the young Phoenix's face.
And find the rapture written with the feather of beauty;
Examine each marriage,
And see each other lend content;
And what's hidden in this right volume is
Find written in the margent of his eyes.
This precious book of love, this unbound lover,
To embellish it, only one blanket is missing:
The fish lives in the sea; and that's a lot of pride
For just without the right within hiding:
This book shares glory in many ways,
The golden one closes with the golden story;
So you will share everything he has,
In having it, do not worry less.

Not less! no, bigger; women grow up by men

Lady Cameron.
Speak briefly, can you love Phoenix's love?

I will seek to love, if you seek to move:
But no deeper than I will put my eye
That your consent gives you the strength to fly it.

(Enter a servant.)

Madam, the guests came, dinner served, you
called, my young wife asked, the cursed nurse
in the pantry and all at the end. I must
so wait; I beg you, follow straight.

Lady Cameron.
We follow you (Exit Server)
Juliet, the county remains.

Go, my daughter, look for happy nights on happy days.



Scene IV. A street.

(Enter Romeo, Mervin, Benjamin, with five or six masks;
Torchbearers and others.

What will this speech be spoken of for our excuse?
Where are we going without excuses?


The date came out of such prolixity:
We will not have Cupid with a scarf,
Wearing the latte arch painted with a Tartar,
To scare the ladies like a raven keeper;
No no, no book prologue, weakly spoken
After the blower, for our entry:
But, let them measure us by what they want,
We will measure a measure and be gone.

Give me a torch, I'm not for this trouble;
Being heavy, I will carry the light.

No, nice Romeo, you have to dance.
No me, believe me: you have dance shoes,
With agile soles; I have a lead soul
So I throw myself on the ground, I can not move.

You are a lover; borrow Cupid's wings,
And go up with them over a common boundary.

I'm too sore with his sleeve
Fly with light feathers; and so related,
I can not chain a throw over a dull boredom:
Under the heavy burden of love, I sink.

And to sink into it, is it necessary to charge love?
Too much oppression for a tender thing.

Is love a soft thing? it is too hard,
Too rude, too loud; and it stings like a thorn.

If love is hard with you, be tough with love;
Prick love to sting, and beat love.
Give me a case to put my face in place: (Put on a mask)
A visor for a visor! what care I
What curious eye quotes deformities?
Here are the beetle eyebrows that I should have.

Come, knock and enter; and barely
But every man carries it to his legs.


A torch for me: leave the foolish, the light of the heart,
Tickle senseless follies with their heels;
Because I am a proverb with a grandfather phrase,
I will be a candlestick and watch,
The game was not so good and I finished.

Tut, dun's the mouse, the word of the police officer:
If you are dun, we get you out of the quagmire
From this reverence, mister love, where you stand
Up to the ears Come on, we burn the day, ho.

No, this is not the case.

I mean, sir, late
We waste our lights while going in a vicious circle, like lamps by day.
Take our senses because our judgment is sitting
Five times, there was once in our five minds.


And we hear well going to this mask;
But there is no will to go.

Why can we ask?

I dreamed a dream at night.

And me too

Well, what was yours?

That dreamers often lie.

In bed asleep, while they dream of real things.

I fear too soon:
Some consequences, yet hanging in the stars,
Will start bitterly his scary date
With the dreams of this night; and expires the term
Of a despised life, stuffed in my chest,
By some vile package of untimely death:
But whoever has the direction of my course
Direct my sail! On lusty men!

Strike, drum.


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So I see that Queen Mab has been with you.
She is the midwife of the fairies; and she comes
Shaped no bigger than an agate stone
On the finger of an alderman,
Drawn with a team of small bombs
Athwart the men's noses as they sleep:
Its spokes of wagons made of long legs of spinners;
Cover of grasshopper wings;
The traces of the smallest spider web;
Necklaces, bundles of water from the moonlight;
His whip of cricket bone; the whip of the film;
His wagoner, a little gray gnat,
Not as big as a little round worm
Lazy finger prick of a maid:
His chariot is an empty hazelnut,
Made by the carpenter's squirrel or the old larva,
Avoid fairy coaches.

And in this state, she gallops night after night
Through the mind of lovers, they dream of love;
The knees of the courtiers, this dream on the court straight;
O'er the fingers of lawyers, who dream with a fee;
The lips of ladies, who, straight on kissing, dream,
Which angry Mab with sores?
Because their breaths with tainted sweets are:
Sometimes she gallops a courtier's nose,
And then he dreams of feeling a costume;
And sometimes she comes with a tithing pig tail,
Tickling the nose of a presbytery as "a lying lie,
Then he dreams of another benefit:

Sometimes she leads the neck of a soldier,
And then he dreams of cutting the foreign gorges,
Breaches, ambuscadoes, Spanish blades,
Health five fathoms deep; and then anon
Drums in the ear, where he starts and wakes up;
And, being so frightened, swear a prayer or two,
And sleep again. That's very Mab
This puts the mane of horses in the night;
And cook the elves in slutty hairs,
Which, once unraveled, makes a lot of misfortune:
That's the mouth, when the maids are on the back,
This presses them and teaches them first to wear,
Which makes women of good behavior:
It's her,

Peace, peace, Mervin, peace,
You talk about nothing.

That's right, I'm talking about dreams,
What are the children of an idle brain,
Beginning of nothing but vain fantasy;
Which is as thin of substance as air,
And more inconstant than the wind, which runs
Even now, the frozen breast of the north,
And, angry, blew from there,
Turning his face towards the dew falling to the south.

This wind of which you speak blows us of ourselves:
The dinner is over and we will arrive too late.



(Exit stage right.)

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Scene V. A room in Cameron's house.

(Musicians waiting, enter servants.)

1 servant.
Where is Potpan, that he helps not to take away?
he's changing slicers! he's scratching a slicer!

2 servant.
When good manners are all in one or two men
the hands, and they washed themselves too, that's a wrong thing.

1 servant.
Far with the stools, remove the cupboard, look
to the plate: good, save me a piece of walking; and like
you love me, let the doorman let in Susan Grindstone and Nell.
Antony! and Potpan!

2 servant.
Ay, my boy, ready.

1 servant.
You are searched for and called, asked
and searched in the big room.

2 servant.
We can not be here and there too. Joyously boys;
be lively for a moment, and the longer liver takes everything.

(They withdraw behind.)

(Enter Cameron, & C. With the guests the masks.)

Welcome, gentlemen! the ladies who have their toes
Unplagu'd with horns will have a fight with you.
Ah, my mistresses! which of you
Will now deny to dance? she who does flirtatious delicacy, she,
I will swear I have horns; Am I near you now?
Welcome, gentlemen! I was born

That I wore a visor; and could say
A tale whispering in the ear of a beautiful woman,
Such would be the will; it's gone, it's gone, it's gone:
You are welcome, gentlemen! Come, musicians, play.
A hall a room! give room! and the foot, the girls.
(The music plays and they dance.)
More light, you know; and turn over the tables,
And put out the fire, the room became too hot.
Ah, sirrah, this cheap sport is good.
Sit down, no, sit, good cousin Cameron;
For you and I spent our days dancing;
How long is not since last and you
Were in a mask?

2 Cameron.
By'r Lady, thirty years old.

What a man! It's not so much, it's not so much:
It's since the marriage of Lucentio,
Come to Pentecost as soon as possible,
About five and twenty years; and then we masked.

2 Cameron.
It's more: his son is old, sir;
His son is thirty.

Will you tell me?
His son was only a ward two years ago.

What a lady who enriches the hand
From there knight?

I do not know, sir.

    continued below....    
The Little Shepherdess Herbert James Draper Classic Art 3
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The Little Shepherdess Herbert James Draper
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