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Oh, she teaches torches to shine!
It seems like she hangs on the cheek of the night
Like a rich jewel in the ear of an Ethiopian;
Beauty too rich for use, for the land too expensive!
So, show a snowy dove that troupe with crows
Like lady o'er his comrades shows.
The measurement made, I will look at his booth place
And, touching his, bless my coarse hand.
Has my heart loved until now? dislodge it, view!
Because I have never seen the true beauty until this night.

This, by his voice, should be a Morrow.
Go get me my rapier, my boy: what, dare the slave
romance, covered with an antique face,
To flight and contempt for our solemnity?
Now, by the stock and honor of my loved ones,
To kill him, I do not consider him a sin.

Why, how now, parent! why do you sit so?

Uncle, it's a Morrow, our enemy;
A villain, this is where the novel comes despite
To despise our solemnity tonight.

Young Romeo, right?

It's him, that bad guy, Romeo.

Happy, sweet coz, leave him alone,
He wears him like a stout gentleman;
And, to tell the truth, Valencia boasts of him
To be a virtuous and well-governed man:
I would not want for the wealth of the whole city
Here in my house, make him belittle:
So be patient, do not take note of him,
It's my will; if you respect,
Show a fair presence and repel these frowns,
A semblance of celebration for a feast.

It's okay, when a villain is a guest:
I will not stand it.


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Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare with Love Stories on Femme Classic Art and Famous Vintage Paintings
Romeo and Juliet Love Stories by Shakespeare and Famous Vintage Paintings on Femme Classic Art
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A Poster Promoting Romeo and Juliet A Love Story by William Shakespeare
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A Poster Promoting Romeo and Juliet
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He will be endured:

What, man! I say he will do it;
Am I the master here or you? go to.
You will not stand it! God will repair my soul,
You will mutiny among my guests!
You will put cockahoop! you will be the man!

Why, uncle, it's a shame.

Go to, go to!
You are a chicken boy. Is not it true?
This trick can make you lose your head, I know what:
You must contradict me! to marry is time.
Well said, my hearts, you are a princess; go:
Be quiet or lighter, more light!
I'll shut you up. What, gaily, my hearts.

Forced patience with a voluntary meeting against the cholera
It makes my flesh tremble in their different greetings.
I will withdraw: but this intrusion must,
Now sweet, converted into bitter gall.


(To Juliet.) If I swear with my unworthy hand
This holy sanctuary, the sweet fine is it,
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, stand ready
To smooth this bumpy touch with a tender kiss.

Good pilgrim, you hurt your hand too much,
What devious devotion shows in this;
For the saints have hands that the hands of the pilgrims touch,
And Palm Palm is the kiss of saints palms.

Do not the saints have lips and holy palms?

Ay, pilgrim, the lips they must use in prayer.

My dear saint, let your lips do what your hands do;
They pray, give in, lest faith turn into despair.

The saints do not move, although they give love for prayer.

Then do not move while my prayer takes effect.
So from my lips, by your sin is purged.
(The kissing.)

Then my lips the sin they took.

The sin of my lips? O trespass gently urgent!
Give me my sin again.

You kiss by the book.

Madam, your mother has a word with you.

What is his mother?

Marie, single,
His mother is the mistress of the house.
And a excellent lady and a wise and virtuous:
I looked after her daughter that you spoke with her;
I tell you, whoever can seize it
Must have the slots.

Is she a Cameron?
O my dear account! my life is the debt of my enemy.

Far, be gone; the sport is at the top.

Ay, so I'm scared; the more serious my troubles are.

Gentlemen, be prepared not to leave;
We have a foolish banquet about.
Is it like that? why then I thank you all;
Thank you, honest gentlemen. good night.
More torches here, come on, let's go to bed.
Ah, sirrah (to 2 Cameron), by my gay, it's getting late;
I'm going to my rest.


(Exit stage right all but Juliet and Nurse.)

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Paintings of nymphs contents
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romance, nurse. What is your gentleman?

The son and heir of old Tiberio.

What is he coming out now?

Marry, that, I think, to be the young Petruchio.

What is he following there, who would not dance?

I do not know.

Go ask his name: if he is married,
My grave is like my marriage.

His name is Romeo and Morrow;
The only son of your great enemy.

My only love is born of my only hate!
Too early seen unknown, and known too late!
Prodigious birth of love is mine,
That I must love a hated enemy.

What is this? What is this?

A rhyme that I learned even now
From the one I danced with everything.

(We call inside, 'Juliet.')

Anon, anon!
Come, let's go; The aliens are all gone.



(Enter Chorus.)

Now the old desire in his deathbed lie,
And the young affection seizes his heir;
This fair for which love groaned and died,
With Juliet tender matches, is now not fair.
Now Romeo is loved and still loves
At once bewitched by the charm of the looks;
But to his opponent, he had to complain,
And she steals the sweet baits of love in scary hooks:
Being held an enemy, he may not have access
To breathe such vows that we swear lovers;
And she's also in love, she means a lot less
To meet her everywhere:
But passion gives them power, time, encounter,
Temperate tips with extreme softness.




Scene I. An open place next to Cameron's Garden.

(Enter Romeo.)

Can I move on when my heart is there?
Go back, dull earth, and find your center.

(He climbs the wall and jumps in it.)

(Enter Benjamin and Mervin.)

Romeo! my cousin Romeo!

He is wise;
And in my life, he made her go home to bed.

He ran over here and jumped that orchard wall:
Call, good Mervin.

No, I will mention too.
Romeo! moods! crazy! passion! lover!
Do you look like a sigh:
Speak but we rhyme, and I am satisfied;
Cry but 'Ah me!' pronounce but love and the dove;
Speak to my gossip Venus a fair word,
A nickname for his son and heir,
Young auburn cupid, he shot so much
When King Cophetua adored the shepherdess!
He does not hear, he does not move, he does not move;
The monkey is dead and I have to conjure him.
I conjure you by the bright eyes of Rosaline,
With his high forehead and his scarlet lip,
With his beautiful foot, his right leg and his quivering thigh,
And the demesnes there,
That you appear in your image!

One if he hears you, you anger him.

That can not make him angry:
Raising a spirit in the circle of his mistress,
Of a strange nature, leaving him there
Until she has asked it and conjures it;
It was a bit naughty: my invocation
Is fair and honest and, in the name of his mistress,
I'm just evoking but to stir up.

Come, he hid among these trees,
To be associated with the humorous evening:
The blind man is his love and best suits the darkness.

If love is blind, love can not reach the target.
Now will he sit under a club,
And wish his mistress is that kind of fruit
As maids call medlars when they laugh alone.
Romeo, good night. I'm going to my truck;
This field is too cold for me to sleep:
Come on, are we going?

Go ahead; because it's in vain
To look for it here means not to be found.

(Exit stage right.)

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