Romeo and Juliet A Love Story by William Shakespeare (modernised) 6
Famous Vintage Paintings Romeo and Juliet And A Love Story by William Shakespeare along with humour Femme Classic Art
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Romeo and Juliet A Love Story by William Shakespeare
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Femme Classic Art Famous Vintage Paintings William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet A Love Story along with humour
Romeo and Juliet Contents
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Anders Zorn

You know that the night mask is on my face;
Otherwise, a young girl would paint my cheek
For what you heard me talking at night.
Fain I would like to dwell on the form, Fain, Fain denier
What I said but goodbye compliment!
Do you love me, I know that you will say Ay;
And I will take your word: but if you swore,
You can prove that you are wrong; to the perjury of lovers,
They say that Jove laughs. O sweet Romeo,
If you love, say it faithfully:
Or if you think I'm won too quickly,

I frown and be perverse, and tell you no,
So you woo woo: but not for the world.
In truth, I like you, Morrow.
And so you can think of my light:
But believe me, sir, I'll prove more true
Let those who have more cunning to be strange.
I should have been stranger, I must admit,
But you heard me before I was
My true love passion: forgive me therefore;
And do not blame this give in to the love of light,
That the dark night has discovered.



Sleep rests on your eyes, peace in your chest!
Would I be asleep and at peace, so sweet to rest!
Where shall I go to the cell of my ghostly father,
His help to implore and my dear hap to say.



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Romeo And Juliet with Friar Lawrence Henry William Bunbury A Love Story by William Shakespeare
Romeo And Juliet with Friar Tuck Henry William Bunbury
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Scene III. Cell of Friar Tuck.

(Enter Friar Tuck with a basket.)

Gray eyes smile during the frowning night,
Chastise the eastern clouds with streaks of light;
And the dark speckled like a drunkard
From the road ahead and the burning wheels of Titan:
No, before the sun advances its burning eye,
The day to rejoice and the dew of the night to dry,
I have to fill our wicker cage
With weeds and precious flowers.
The earth, which is the mother of nature, is her tomb;
What his burial gave is his uterus:
And from his womb the children of divers like
We suck his natural breast;
Many for many excellent virtues,
None except for some, and yet all different.
O, mickle is the powerful grace that lies
In plants, herbs, stones and their true qualities:
For nothing so bad as on earth we live
But to the earth, some special good gives;
Nothing so good but, forced by this right use,
The revolts of true birth, stumbling over the abuses:
Virtue itself becomes vice, being badly applied;
And vice sometimes by worthy action.

In the rind of this little flower
Poison has the residence and power of medicine:
For that, being felt, with this part rejoices every part;
To be tasted, kills all the senses with the heart.
Two opposing kings still encircle them
In man as well as herbs, grace and rudeness
And where the worst is predominant,
Soon, the death of the canker gnaws this plant.

(Enter Romeo.)

Hello, my father!


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The two love birds. Juliet talking to friar Lawrence and Romeo
The two love birds. Juliet talking to friar Tuck and Romeo.
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Lady, at that time, blessed moon, I swear to you,
What advice with money all these tops of fruit trees,

O, do not swear by the moon, the inconstant moon,
As the monthly changes in his orb circled,
Lest your love be so variable.

What should I swear to?

Do not swear at all;
Or if you want, swear by your benevolent self,
What is the god of my idolatry?
And I will believe you.

If my heart is dear love,

Well, do not swear: although I pray you,
I have no joy in this contract at night;
It's too reckless, too discouraged, too sudden;
Too much like lightning, which stops being
We can say that it clears up. Sweet, good night!
This bud of love, by the breath of summer maturation,
Maybe a beautiful flower at our next meeting.
Good night Good Night! as sweet rest and rest
Come to your heart like that in my chest!

O, will you leave me so dissatisfied?

What satisfaction do you have to spend the night?

The transaction of the faithful pledge of your love for mine.

I gave you mine before you ask for it;
And yet I would do it again.

Do you want to remove it? for what purpose, love?

But to be honest and give it back to you.
And yet I only want what I have;
My generosity is as limitless as the sea,
My love is so profound, the more I give you,
The more I have, because both are infinite.
I hear noise inside: dear love, goodbye!
(Nurse calls inside.)
Anon, good nurse! Sweet Morrow, be true.
Stay a little, I'll come back.


O blessed, blessed night! I'm scared,
Being in the night, all this is only a dream,
Too sweet to be substantial.

(Enter Juliet above.)


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At the Cell of Friar Laurence also known as Romeo and Juliet A Love Story by William Shakespeare
At the Cell of Friar Lawrence (Tuck) also known as Romeo and Juliet
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Three words, dear Romeo, and good night indeed.
If your love penchant is honorable,
Your marriage of reason, send me a word to-morrow,
By the one I will bring to you,
Where and at what time will you perform the rite?
And all my fortunes to your foot I will ask
And follow me, my lord, all over the world.

(Inside.) Madam!

I come anon But if you do not want well,
I beg you,

(Inside.) Madam!

From here I come:
To stop your costume and leave me in my sorrow:
Tomorrow I will send you.

So prosper my soul,

A thousand good nights!


A thousand times worse, want your light!
Love goes to love as schoolboys of their books;
But the love of love, to school with a heavy look.

(Slowly withdraws.)

(Enter Juliet again above.)


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Listen! Romeo, listen! O for a falconer's voice
Slowly draw this acorn!
Slavery is hoarse and may not speak aloud;
Otherwise, I would rip the cave where Echo is,
And make his airy tongue more hoarse than mine
With the repetition of the name of my Romeo.

It is my soul that calls my name:
How sweet and silvery lover's languages ​​by night,
As the sweetest music to witness the ears!


My sweetheart?

At what time tomorrow
Should I send you?

At nine o'clock.

I will not fail: twenty years later.
I forgot why I called you.

Let me stay here until you remember.

I'll forget to have you here again,
Remember my love for your company.

And I will always stay, so that you forget,
Forgetting any other home than this one.

It's almost morning; I'll make you leave:
And yet no farther than a lazy bird;
This allows him to jump a little from his hand,
Like a poor prisoner in his twisted gyves,
And with a silk thread pick it again,
So jealous of love for his freedom.

I would be my bird.

Sweet, I would do it too:
Still, I should kill you with a lot of attention.
Good night Good Night! Separation is such a sweet sorrow
That I will say good night until tomorrow.


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