Romeo and Juliet A Love Story by William Shakespeare (modernised) 7
Romeo and Juliet A Love Story by William Shakespeare with Famous Vintage Paintings and a touch of naughty humor on Femme Classic Art
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Romeo and Juliet A Love Story by William Shakespeare
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Paintings of Romeo and Juliet A Love Story by William Shakespeare with Famous Vintage Paintings and a touch of wicked humor on Femme Classic Art
Romeo and Juliet
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Anders Zorn

The gray-eyed morning smiles during the frowning night,
Check the eastern clouds with streaks of light,
And the dark speckled like a drunkard
From the road the next day and the burning wheels of Titan.
Now, before the sun advances its burning eye,
The day to rejoice and the dew of the night to dry,

I have to fill our wicker cage
With weeds and juicy flowers.
The Earth, the mother of nature is her grave;
What is his buried tomb, it is his belly;
And from his womb the children of divers like
We suck his natural breast,
Many for many excellent virtues,
None except for some, and yet all different.
O, mickle is the powerful grace that lies
In plants, herbs, stones and their true qualities.
For nothing so bad as on earth we live
But to the Earth, some special good gives;
Nothing so good but, forced by this right use,
The revolts of true birth, stumbling over the abuses.
Virtue itself turns to vice, being misapplied,
And vice by action sometimes worthy.

Enter Romeo.

In the infant crust of this weak flower
Poison has the residence and power of medicine:
For that, being felt, with this part the cheers
To be tasted, stays all the senses with the heart.
Two opposing kings still encircle them
In man as in herbs, grace and rudeness;
And where the worst is predominant, 30
Soon, the death of the canker gnaws this plant.

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Romeo And Juliet Painted by N Riccardi Femme Classic Art Famous Vintage Paintings William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet A Love Story along with naughty humour
Romeo And Juliet painted by N Riccardi
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What sweet early tongue greets me?
Young son, he argues a tempera head
So early to say hello to your bed:
Care reatins his guard in every old man's eye,
And where to sleep, the dressing rooms will never lie;
But where the unchurched youth with a ruthless brain
Doth sleeps its limbs, there is a golden sleep:
That's why your precaution assures me
You are moved with a certain temperature;
Or else, then there I hit,
Our Romeo was not in bed at night.

The latter is true. the sweetest rest was mine.

God forgives sin! were you with Rosaline?

With Rosaline, my ghostly father? no;
I forgot that name and that name is unfortunate.

It's my good son, but where were you then?

I'll tell you before you ask me again.
I feasted with my enemy;
Suddenly, I was hurt
It's me hurt. Our two remedies
In your help and your physical saint, you lie;
I carry no hate, blessed man; for, lo,
My intercession also weighs on my enemy.

Be clear, good son and simple in your drift;
Enigmatic confessions turn out to be a sieve.

Then, know that the love of my heart is settled
On the beautiful girl of rich Cameron:
Like mine on his, his is on mine;
And all combined, keep what you need to combine
By holy marriage: when and where and how
We met, we went to court and exchanged greetings,
I will tell you that we are passing; but this I pray,
That you consent to marry us by day.


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Saint Francis! what a change is here!
Does Rosaline, whom you love so dear,
So quickly abandoned? the love of young men, then, lies
Not legitimately in their hearts, but in their eyes.
Jesu Maria, how much brine
He washed your yellow cheeks for Rosaline!
How much salt water is thrown in the trash,
Season the love, it does not taste!
The sun not yet your celestial sighs light up,
Your old groans still resound in my old ears;
Lo, the spot is sitting on your cheek
From an old tear that is not yet washed:
If you were yourself and these evils,
You and these misfortunes were all for Rosaline;
And you changed? Say that sentence then,
Women can fall when there is no strength in men.

You often deceive me to love Rosaline.

To worship, not to love, pupil mine.

And then, bury my love.

Not in a grave
Put one in another, have another.

Please do not type: she I like now
Grace for grace and love for love allow;
The other did not do it.

O, she knew well
Your love was reading by heart, it could not spell.
But come, young waver, come with me,
On the one hand, I will be your assistant;
Because this alliance can be so happy,
To turn the rancor of your household into pure love.

O, leave us then; I stand on sudden haste.

Judiciously and slowly; they stumble fast.



Scene IV. A street.

(Enter Benjamin and Mervin.)

Where the devil should be this Romeo?
Did not he go home?

Not to his father; I spoke with his man.

Ah, that same girl with a heart so pale, that Rosaline,
The turmoil for him to be really angry.

Tyson, the parent of old Cameron,
Hath sent a letter to his father's house.

A challenge in my life.

Romeo will answer it.

Anyone who can write can answer a letter.

No, he will answer to the master of the letter, how he
dare to be daring.

Alas, poor Romeo, he's already dead! stabbed with a white
black eye; pulled through the ear with a love song; the
very spit of his split heart with the butt of the boy's blind bow:
and is he a man to meet Tyson?

Where is Tyson?


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More than the prince of felines, I can tell you. O, he is the
brave captain of compliments. He fights singing
the sting song keeps time, distance and proportion; rest me his
minimize the rest, one, two and the third in your breast: the very
butcher of a silk button, a duelist, a duelist; a gentleman from
the very first house, from the first and second cause: ah, the
immortal passado! the punto reverso! the hay.

The what?

The pox of these antiquities, of these saccades, affecting the fantastic; these
new accent tuners! "By Jesu, a very good blade! a very big
man! a very good whore! Why is it not a bad thing?
grow up, that we should be so afflicted with these strange
flies, those fashion buffs, those who forgive me, who hold so much on the new shape that they can not sit down at ease
bench? O their good ones, their good ones!

Here is Romeo, here is Romeo!

Without his eggs, like a dried herring. O flesh, flesh, how art
you made war! Now is it for the numbers that Petrarch sank
in: Laura, to his lady, was only a kitchen woman, getting married, she had
a better love for rhyme; Dido, a lady; Cleopatra, a gypsy;
Helen and Hero, wretches and harlots; Thisbe, a gray eye or so,
but not for the purpose,

(Enter Romeo.)

Signior Romeo, good day! there is a French greeting to your
French slop. You gave us the counterfeit enough last night.

Hello to both of you. What counterfeit did I give you?

The slip, sir, the slip; can not you conceive?

Pardon, good Mervin, my business was great; and in such a
case like mine, a man can be courteous.

In other words, such a case forces a
man to bow in hams.

Meaning, woo.

You have the most kindly hit.

A very courteous exhibition.

No, I am the very pink of courtesy.

Rose for flower



Why is my pump blooming?

Well said: follow me this joke now until you have exhausted
your pump, only when the sole sole
remains, after wearing it, unique singular.

O simple solitary, singular only for simplicity!

Come between us, good Benjamin; my mind faints.

go on, go on, or I'll declare myself the winner..

No, if your mind directs wild goose hunting, I did it; for
you have more wild goose in one of your minds than I am
of course, I have five as a whole: were I with you for the

You were never with me for nothing when you were not
there for the goose.

I'm going to bite you by the ear for this joke.

No, good goose, not bite.

Your mind is a very bitter bitterness; it's the most cutting edge

And is not it, then, well served to a sweet goose?

O, here is a cheerleader's spirit, which extends an inch
narrow to a wide width!

I stretch it for this broad word: who added to the
the goose, proves to you by far a large goose.

Why, is not it better now than to moan with love? now art
you are sociable, now are you Romeo; You are not what you are, by
art as well as by nature: for this drivilant love is like a
very natural, flowing afloat to hide his trinket
in a hole.


Stop there, stop there.

You want me to stop in my story against the hair.

You would otherwise have grown your story.

You have been fooled; I would have made it short: because I was
come to the depth of my story; and indeed wanted to occupy
the argument no longer.

Here are some quality material!

(Enter Nurse and Paul.)

A sail, a sail, a sail!

Two; a shirt and a blouse.



My fan, Paul.

Good Paul, to hide his face; for his fan is the fairer face.

God, hello, gentlemen.

God you, good haunt, beautiful maid.

Is it a good den?

I say no less; for the moronic voracious hand of the dial is
now on the tail of noon.

On you! what man are you?


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A nice woman God made for laughing.

By my faith, it is well said; for himself
'a? Gentlemen, can any of you tell me where I can find the young people?

I can tell you: but the young Romeo will be older when you get
found it more than it was when you looked for it: I'm the youngest
this name, for want of worse.

You say well.

Yes, the worst is it? very well taken, I believe; wisely,

If you are, sir, I want to trust you.

She will give him a supper.

A bawd, a bawd, a bawd! So ho!

What did you find?

No hare, sir; unless a hare, sir, in a lentil pie is
something stale and frosty before it's spent.
An old hare kid,
And an old hare kid,
Is very good meat in Lent;
But a hare that is frost
Is too much for a score
When it contracts, it must be spent.

Romeo, will you come to your father's house? we will have dinner there in love.

I will follow you.

Farewell, old lady; farewell,
(sing) lady, lady, lady.

(Mervin and Benjamin.)

Wife, goodbye! I beg you, sir, which merchant
what was so full of his research?

A gentleman, a nurse, who likes to hear himself speak; and
will speak more in a minute than he will in a month.

A nothing speaks against me, I'll go down, an'a
were more luxurious than him, and twenty of those idiots; and if I can not,
I will find those who will do it. Scurvy Knave! I am none of his
flirt the gills; I am none of his skate companions. And you have to hold
also, and that every man to use as he pleases!

Paul. I did not see anyone use you as he pleased; if I had, my weapon
I should do it quickly: I dare to fire as soon as another man, if I see
the occasion in a good quarrel, and the law on my side.


Now, before God, I am so upset that every part of me
shuddered. Scurvy Knave! Please, sir, a word: and as I said
you, my young wife, asked me to inform you; what she had told me said that
I will keep for myself: but first let me tell you, if you have to drive her
to a fools paradise, as they say, it was very rude
kind of behavior, as they say, for the sweet is young;
and, therefore, if you had to do double with her, it was really
a bad thing to offer to any sweet and very weak woman

Nurse, recommend me to your lady and your mistress. I protest

Good heart, and I think I will tell him so much: Lord,
Lord, she will be a joyful woman.

What will you tell him, nurse? you do not mark me.

I'm going to tell him, sir, that you protest: who, as I
take it, is a gentleman's offer.


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Juliet and Nurse Gertrude Demain Hammond
Juliet and Nurse painted by Gertrude Demain Hammond
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