Romeo and Juliet A Love Story by William Shakespeare (modernised) 8
Paintings of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare A Love Story with Famous Vintage Paintings and a touch of wicked humor on Femme Classic Art
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Romeo and Juliet A Love Story by William Shakespeare
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Romeo and Juliet Contents
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Anders Zorn

Come and confess this afternoon
And here she is at Friar Tuck's cell
Be skinny and married. Here for your pains.

No, really, sir; not a penny.

Go to! I say you will do it.


This afternoon, sir? Well, she'll be here.

And stay, good nurse, behind the wall of the abbey.
In this hour my man will be with you
And bring the ropes made like a plated staircase,

Who at the highest gallant of my joy
Must be my convoy in the secret night.

Farewell. Be faithful and I will leave your pain.

Farewell. Tell me your mistress.

Now God in heaven bless you! Listen to yourself, sir.

What do you say, my dear nurse?

Is your man secret? Have you ever heard,
Two can keep a lawyer, put one?

I guarantee you that my man is as true as steel.


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Romeo and Juliet a painting by Hugues Merle

Romeo and Juliet painted by Hugues Merle
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Well, sir, my mistress is the sweetest. Lord, Lord!
when it was a bit complicated, there is a noble in
city, a Parisian, who would like to put her knife on board; but she, well
the soul, saw as a toad, a very toad, as can be seen. I angry
she sometimes tells him that Paris is the most appropriate man; but
I guarantee it, when I say it, it looks as pale as any influence
in the versal world. Doth not rosemary and Romeo both start with
a letter?

Ay, nurse; what of that? Both with a R.

Ah, mocking! it's the name of the dog. R is for no; I know
it starts with another letter; and she has the most beautiful
sententious, of you and rosemary, that it would do you good to hear it.

Recommend me to your lady.

Ay, a thousand times. [Romeo exit.] Paul!


Paul, take my fan and go ahead, and quickly.


Scene V.
Cameron's Orchard

Enter Juliet.

It was almost nine o'clock when I sent the nurse;
In half an hour, she "promised" to come back.
Maybe she can not meet him. This is not the case.
She is lame! The heralds of love should be thoughts,
Sliding ten times faster than the sun's rays
Drive the shadows on the low hills.
That's why agile doves attract Love,
And so the wind has fast Cupid's wings.

Now the sun is on the highest hill
From this trip of the day and Romeo nine to twelve hours
Is three long hours; yet she did not come.
Did she have affections and a young and young blood,
It would be as fast as a balloon;
My words were bandaging it with my sweet love,
And mine,
But the old ones, many pretend as they were dead
Steadfast, slow, heavy and pale like lead.

Enter Nurse [and Paul].

O God, she's coming! O nurse, what news?
Did you meet him? Send your man back.

Paul, stay at the door.
[Paul out.]

Now, good nurse, Lord, why are you sad?
Although the news is sad, tell them so happily;
If it's good, you want the music of the sweet news
When I play it with a face so sour.

I'm impatient, give me a little time.
Fie, how my bones hurt me! What jaundice did I have!

I would like your bones and my news.
No, come on, I beg you to speak. Good, good nurse, speak.

Jesu, what haste! Can not you stay for a moment?
Do not you see I'm out of breath?

How are you short of breath when you have breath
Tell me you're out of breath?
The excuse you make in this delay
Is longer than the tale you apologize.
Is your news good or bad? Answer that.
Say no, and I will remain the circumstance.
Let me be satisfied, is not it good or bad?

Well, you made a simple choice; you do not know how
choose a man. Romeo? No, not him. Although his face is better than
any man, yet his leg excels all men; and for a hand and a
foot, and a body, although they are not talking, yet they
are gone compare. It is not the flower of courtesy, but I will
guarantee it, sweet as a lamb. Go your ways, sneak; serve God
Have you had lunch at home?

No no. But everything I knew before.
What does he say about our marriage? What's that?

Lord, how my head hurts! What a head I have!
He beats as he would fall into twenty pieces.
I have the back of the other side, ah, my back, my back!
Beshrew your heart to send me from me
To catch my death by slamming up and down!

I think, I'm sorry you're not good.
Sweet, sweet, sweet nurse, tell me, what does my love say?

Your love says, as an honest gentleman and courteous,
and a nice and a handsome; and, I guarantee it, a virtuous
your mother?

Where is my mother? Why is she in?
Where should she be? How strangely you answer!
"Your love says, like an honest gentleman,
"Where is your mother?"'

O dear lady of God!
Are you so hot? Marie come, I know.
Is it the poultice for my painful bones?
Now, make your own messages.

That is such a fuss! Come, what does Romeo say?


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Romeo and Juliet on The Balcony Unknown Artist and Title
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Do you have permission to drift to this day?

I have.

So you have to Friar Tuck's cell;
He remains a husband to make you a wife:
Now comes the blind blood in your cheeks,
They will be scarlet to new.
Hie you to church; I have another way,
To seek a ladder, by which your love
Must climb to the nest of a bird as soon as it is dark:
I am the chore and sorrow in your delight;
But you will soon bear the burden.
Go; I'm going to eat; hie you to the cell.

Hie to big fortune! honest nurse, goodbye.



Scene VI. The cell of Friar Tuck.

(Enter Friar Tuck and Romeo.)

So, smile to heaven on this sacred act
That, after hours of sadness, do not blame us!

Amen, amen! but come what sorrow can,
He cannot compensate for the exchange of joy
This minute gives me to his sight:
Do yourself, but close your hands with holy words,
So love-devouring death does what it dares,
It's enough that I can call it mine.

These violent delights have violent ends,
And in their jubilation die; like fire and powder,
Who, as they kiss, consume: the sweetest honey
Is detestable in his own delights,
And in taste confuses the appetite:
So, love moderately: long love is so;
Too fast arrives as late as too slow.
Here is the lady: O, light a foot
Never wear the eternal flint:
A lover can better deal with the gossip
Slow motion in the summer air
And yet not fall; then the light is vanity.

(Enter Juliet.)

Well even for my ghostly confessor.

Romeo will thank you, my daughter, for both of us.

As much for him, otherwise it's too many thanks.

Ah, Juliet, if the measure of your joy
Be like mine and your skill is more
To emblazon it, then soften with your breath
This neighbour looks and leaves the language of rich music
Unfold the imaginary happiness that both
Receive either by this dear meeting.

Conceit, richer in matter than in words,
Brags of its substance, no ornament:
They are only beggars who can count on their value;
But my true love is developing at such an excess,
I can not sum up the sum of half of my wealth.

Come, come with me and we'll do a little job;
Because, by your leaves, you will not remain alone
Until the holy church incorporates two in one.


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Scene I. A public place.

(Enter Mervin, Benjamin, Page and Servants.)

I beg you, good Mervin, let's go to retirement:
The day is hot, the Camerons abroad,
And, if we meet, we will not escape from a yearlingl braw;
For the moment, these hot days, it is the mad blood that moves.

You're like one of those guys who, when he enters
confined to a tavern, strikes me his sword on the table and says
"God do not send me need of you! and by the operation of the second
the draw leads to the draw, while there is no need.

Am I like such a guy?

Come, come, you're as hot as a Jack in your mood
Italy; and also quickly moved to be in a bad mood, and soon in a bad mood to be

And what?

No, there were two, we should not have any soon, because
one would kill the other. You! why are you quarreling with a
man who has more hair or less hair than you
hurry. You argue with a man for cracking nuts, without
another reason, but because you have hazel eyes; what an eye but such
would an eye spy on such a quarrel? Your head is also full of
quarrels because an egg is full of meat; and yet your head has been
beaten like an egg to quarrel. You fought
with a man who coughs in the street, because he woke up
your dog who fell asleep in the sun. Have not you fallen
with a tailor to wear his new doublet before Easter? with
another to tie his new shoes with an old ribbon? and yet you
Give me lessons to quarrel!

I was so likely to argue that you are, any man should buy
the simple expenses of my life for an hour and a quarter.

Simple fees! O simple!

By my head, here are the Camerons.

By my heel, I do not care.

(Enter Tyson and others.)

Follow me closely because I will talk to them. Gentlemen, good den:
a word with one of you.

And a word with one of us? Associate it with something; make
it's a word and a blow.

You will find me fit enough for that, sir, you will give
me opportunity.

Could not you take an opportunity without giving?

Mervin, you're with Romeo,

Wife! what are you doing minstrels? You do
minstrels of us, look to hear only discords: here is my
sornette; that will make you dance. Zounds, consort!

We speak here in the public lair of men:
Either retire to a private place,
And think coldly of your grievances,
Or leave; here all the eyes are watching us.

The eyes of men were made to look at them and let them look;
I will not move for the pleasure of anyone.

Well, peace be with you, sir. Here is my man.

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Romeo and Juliet 2 painted by Frank Dicksee
Romeo and Juliet 2 painted by Frank Dicksee
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