Romeo and Juliet A Love Story by William Shakespeare (modernised) 9
Where are the hunky firemen I was told there would be hunky firemen
Any couple can finish each others sentences But soul mates finish each others insults
Romeo and Juliet A Love Story by William Shakespeare
All you need is love
Frankly you need to believe in yourself
Romeo and Juliet Contents
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Anders Zorn

Gentle Mervin, put thy rapier up.

Come, sir, your passado.

(They fight.)

Draw, Benjamin; beat down their weapons.
Gentlemen, for shame! forbear this outrage!
Tyson, Mervin, the prince expressly hath
Forbid this bandying in Valencia streets.
Hold, Tyson! Good Mervin!
(Exit stage right Tyson with his Partizans.)

I am hurt;
A plague o' both your houses! I am sped.
Is he gone, and hath nothing?

What, art thou hurt?

Well then, a scratch, a scratch; marry, it is enough.
Where is my page? go, villain, fetch a surgeon.

(Exit Page.)

Courage, man; the hurt cannot be much.

No, 'tis not so unending as a well, nor so large as a church door;
but it is certainly enough, it will serve: ask for me to morrow, and you
shall find me a grave man. I am peppered, I warrant, for this
world. A plague o' both your houses! Zounds, a mouse, a dog,
a cat, a rat, to scratch a man to death! A braggart, a rogue, a
villain, that fights by the book of arithmetic! Why the devil
came you between us? I was hurt under your arm.

I thought all for the best.

Help me into some house, Benjamin,
Or I shall faint. A plague o' both your houses!
They have made worms' meat of me:
I have it, and soundly too. Your houses!

(Exit Mervin and Benjamin).

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Romeo Und Julie
Romeo Und Julie
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This gentleman, the prince's close ally,
My dear friend had his death
In my name my reputation has stained
With Tyson's slander, Tyson, an hour
It was my parent. O sweet Juliet,
Your beauty effeminate me
And in my temper softened the valuable steel.

(Re grasp Benjamin.)

O Romeo, Romeo, brave Mervin is dead!
This gallant spirit sucked the clouds,
What is too untimely here has scorned the land.

The dark destiny of this day depends on more days;
This but begins the misfortune that others must finish.

Here is the furious Tyson back.

Live in triumph! and Mervin killed!
Far from the clarity of the sky,
And fire mad eyes be my driving now!

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Romeo and Juliet 02 Unknown Artist A Love Story by William Shakespeare
Romeo and Juliet on the balcony painted by an unknown artist.
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(Enter Tyson again.)

Now, Tyson, take back the "bad guy"
What late you gave me; for the soul of Mervin
Is it a bit above our heads,
Stay for yourself to keep him company.
Either you or me or both, have to go with him.

You, miserable boy, who married her here,
Shalt with him, therefore.

That will determine that.

(They fight, Tyson falls.)

Romeo, far away, is gone!
The citizens are standing and Tyson killed.
Do not be surprised. The prince will condemn you to death
If you are caught, therefore, go away!

O, I am the madman of fortune!

Why are you staying?

(Exit Romeo.)

(Enter Citizens, & c.)

Citizen: Whose side was he who killed Mervin?
Tyson, this murderer, how did he run?

Big Mervin, then Tyson fled:
But little by little comes back to Romeo,
Who had only had new revenge,
And they do not go like lightning; for before I
Could draw them to separate them, Tyson was dead;
And as he fell, Romeo would turn around and steal.
That's the truth or let Benjamin die.
Lady Cameron.
He is a relative of Morrow,
The affection makes it false, it does not speak true:
About twenty of them fought in this black war,
And all those twenty could kill a life.
I ask justice, that you, prince, must give;
Romeo killed Tyson, Romeo must not live.

Romeo killed him; he killed Mervin:
Who owes the price of his dear blood now?

No Romeo, prince; he was Mervin's friend;
His fault ends but what the law should end,
Tyson's life.

And for this offence
We exile him immediately:
I'm interested in the procedure of your hate,
My blood for your big cocks is bleeding;
But I'm going to take you away with such a fine
That you repent of my loss:
I would be deaf to pleading and excuses;
Neither tears nor prayers buy the abuse,
Do not use anything: leave Romeo in a hurry,
Otherwise, when it is found, this time is the last.
So keep this body and witness to our will:
Mercy but murders, forgiving those who kill.



Scene II. A room in Cameron's house.

(Enter Juliet.)

Gallop fast
To the accommodation of Phoebus; such a waggoner
As Phaeton would whip you west
And bring the cloudy night immediately.
Spread your curtain close, love to play at night!
That rude eyes can blink, and Romeo
Jump to these arms, off the beaten track and invisible.
Lovers can see to do their love rites
By their own beauty: or else, if love is blind,
It is better to agree with the night. Come, civil night
You are sober and fit, all black,
And teach me to lose a winning match,
Played for a pair of virgin stainless steel:
Hood my unmanned blood, which bumps into my cheeks,
With your black coat; until strange love, become bold,
Think that true love has acted with modesty.
Come night come, Romeo; come, day or night;
Because you will lie on the wings of the night
Whiter than new snow on the back of a raven.
Come, sweet night; come, loving, dark eyebrows night,
Give me my Romeo; and when he dies,
Take it and cut it into small stars,


There is only Tyson.

1 Citizen: Sir, go with me;
I accuse you in the name of the prince obey.

(Enter Prince, attended, Morrow, Cameron, their wives,
and others.)

Where are the vile beginners of this fight?

O, noble prince. I can discover everything
The bad luck of this fatal fight:
There is the man, killed by the young Romeo,
That killed your parent, brave Mervin.

Lady Cameron.
Tyson, my cousin! O my brother's child!
O, prince! O, husband! O, the blood has flowed
From my dear parent! Prince, as you are,
For the blood of our bloodshed Morrow.
O cousin, cousin!

Benjamin, who started this bloody fight?

Tyson, here killed, whom Romeo's hand killed;
Romeo, who spoke to him just right, tells him to bethink
As the quarrel was beautiful and urgent
Your big dissatisfaction. All this uttered
Out of breath, calm air, knees humbly bent,
Could not take the truce with the unruly spleen
From Tyson, deaf to peace, but inclined
With piercing steel in Mervin's bold breast;
Who, just as hot, turns from one point to another,
And, with a martial contempt, with a beating hand
Cold death aside, and with other shipments
He returns to Tyson, whose dexterity
Repeat Romeo he's crying aloud,
'Hold, friends! friends, share! and faster than his tongue,
His agile arm beats his fatal points,
And 'twixt the rushes; under the arm
Tyson's envious push strikes life.

And he will make the face of heaven so well
That everybody will be in love with the night,
And do not worship the screaming sun.
I bought the manor of a love,
But not to own it, and although I'm sold,
Not appreciated yet: so tedious is this day
As it is the night before a festival
To an impatient child who has new dresses,
And may not wear them. O, here is my nurse,
And she brings news, and every language that speaks
But the name of Romeo speaks of celestial eloquence.

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Romeo and Juliet painted by Ford Madox Brown
Romeo and Juliet by Ford Madox Brown

(Enter nurse, with ropes.)

Now, nurse, what news? What are you there? the ropes
This Romeo tells you to go get?

Ay, ay, the ropes.

(Throw them to the floor.)

Ah! what's up? Why do you twist your hands?

Ah well, one day! He has died, he has died, he has died!
We are defeated, madam, we are defeated!
Alas, the day! he has gone, he has killed, he is dead!

Can heaven be so envious?

Romeo can,
Although the sky can not. O Romeo, Romeo!
Who could have thought? Romeo!

What devil are you, who torments me so?
This torture should be shouted in a dismal hell.
Did Hath Romeo kill himself? tell me but me,
And this rapacious lover attractive vowel naked I will poison more
That cockatrice's eye dying:
I am not me if there is such a;
Or those closed eyes that make you answer me.
If he is killed, tell me; or else, no:
Brief sounds determine my appetite or my misfortune.

I saw the damage, I saw it with my eyes,
God save the mark! Here on his manly chest.
A corpus, a bloody corpus;
Pale, pale as ash, all blood,
Everything in bloody blood; I hurt myself at the sight.

O, break my heart! Poor bankrupt, break at once!
In prison, the eyes; never look at freedom!
Earth vile, to the earth resigns; finish the movement here;
And you and Romeo, press a heavy beer!

O Tyson, Tyson, the best friend I've had!
O courteous Tyson! honest gentleman!
That I live to see you dead!

What is the storm that blows so contrary?
Is Romeo killed and is Tyson dead?
My dear cousin and my dear lord?
Then, terrible trumpet, sounds the general misfortune!
For who lives, if these two are gone?

Tyson left and Romeo banished;
Romeo who killed him, he is banned.

Oh my God! Has Romeo's hand shed Tyson's blood?

This was the case; alas the day is done!


O snake heart, hidden with a flowery face!
Has a dragon kept a cave so beautiful?
Beautiful tyrant! angelic demon!
Dove-feather raven! voracious lamb and pest!
Despised substance of the most divine spectacle!
Right in front of what you look,
A holy saint, an honourable villain!
O nature, what do you have to do in hell
When you sulked the spirit of a demon
In a mortal paradise of so sweet flesh?
Has anyone ever written a book containing such a vile matter
So linked? O this deception should remain
In such a magnificent palace!

There is no trust,
No faith, no honesty among men; all perjury,
Everything is lost, everything is nil, all concealers.
Ah, where is my man? Give me an aqua vitae.
These sorrows, these misfortunes, these sorrows make me old.
Shame on Romeo!


A blister would be your language
For such a wish! he was not born for shame:
On her forehead, shame is shameful to sit down;
Because it is a throne where honour can be crowned
Only monarch of the universal earth.
Oh, what a beast I should blame him!

Do you mean him who killed your cousin?

Should I speak ill of him, is he my husband?
Ah! Poor lord, what tongue will your name read?
When I, your wife of three hours, I mutilated?
But why, villain, did you kill my cousin?
This bad cousin would have killed my husband:
Back, crazy tears, return to your native source;
Your tributary drops belong to misfortune,
What you, by deceiving yourself, offer joy.
My husband lives, that Tyson would have killed;
And Tyson is dead, it would have killed my husband:
All this is comforting. why crying me then?
Any word there was, worse than Tyson's death,
It killed me: I would forget about it;
But O, it reminds me
As accursed acts to the sinners' spirits:
Tyson is dead and Romeo banished.
This "banished", this word "banned",
He killed ten thousand Tysons. The death of Tyson
Was it unfortunate enough if he had ended there?
Or, if the wretch adores communion,
And will necessarily be classified with other sorrows,
Why not follow, when she said that Tyson was dead,
Your mother or your father, or both,
What modern lamentation could have moved?

But with a back home after Tyson's death,
"Romeo is banned" to pronounce this word
Does father, mother, Tyson, Romeo, Juliet,
All dead, all dead: "Romeo is banned"
There is no end, no limit, measure, bound,
In the death of this word; no word can sound bad.
Where is my father and mother, nurse?

Crying and crying on the Corsican Tyson:
Are you going to see them? I'll take you there in love.

Wash your wounds with tears: mine will be spent,
When theirs are dry, for the banishment of Romeo.
Take these strings. Poor strings, you are attractive,
You and I for Romeo are exiled:
He made you a road to my bed;
But I, a maid, my daughter is a widow.
Come, strings; come on, nurse; I go to my wedding bed;
And death, not Romeo, take my maiden's head!

Hie to your room. I will find Romeo
To comfort you: I know where he is.
Listen, your Romeo will be here at night:
I go to him; he is hidden in Tuck's cell.

O, find it! give this ring to my real Scene III.,
And tell him to arrive and say his last goodbye.



Scene III. Friar Tuck's cell

(Enter Friar Tuck.)

Romeo, come; come forward, fearful man.
The affliction is enamoured of your parts,
And you are married to calamity.

(Enter Romeo.)

Father, what news? what is the fall of the prince
What sorrow thirsts for knowledge in my hand,
That I do not know yet?

Too familiar
Is it my dear son with such a bitter business:
I bring you the news of the prince's fate.

What is less than doomsday the prince's fate?

A softer judgment disappeared from his lips,

Not the death of the body, but the banishment of the body.


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