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Lambert Sustris
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Artist Subject
Venus (the goddes of love) and Cupid (the love god) playing with two pretty white doves while Venus is sitting on the couch in the nude showing off her lovely long legs while Cupid is holding one of his arrows that has been dipped in love and desire.
Lingerie, sexy stories, and sex toys all help a girls be better at making love.
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Love making sex position better than doggy style art by Alberto Vargas
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Wicked Temptations
A love making position exceedingly more comfortable for women than doggy style
For teasing girls enjoyment.
A painting by Alberto Vargas
Love machines for helping
Just right for luring your lover.
a bit of lube helps your lady be a happy lover
a girl become a better lover.
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Venus the Goddess of Love
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Venus the goddess of love and Cupid the god of love
Venus and Cupid Lambert Sustris paintings Femme Classic Art