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Cupid in a pensive moment. Love will find a way.
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The Love Story of John and Sue by Bill Rattleknife

Anne Thompson: O Lord, I could have stayed here all the night

To hear good counsel. O, what learning is!

My lord, I'll tell my Madam you will come.

John Williams:Do so, and bid my sweet prepare to chide.

Anne Thompson: Here is a ring she bid me give you, sir.

Hie you, make haste, for it grows very late. Depart.

John Williams:How well my comfort is revived by this!

Father:Go hence; good night; and here stands all your state:

Either be gone before the watch be set,

Or by the break of day disguised from hence.

Sojourn in America. I'll find out your man,

And he shall signify from time to time

Every good hap to you that chances here.

Give me your hand. It is late. Farewell; good night.

John Williams:But that a joy past joy calls out on me,

It were a grief so brief to part with you. Farewell.

[Exit stage right].

The Love Story of John and Sue by Bill Rattleknife continued
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